Inquiry about Offer 3d Animation Production Service (China (Mainland))

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Inquiry about Offer 3d Animation Production Service (China (Mainland))
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  • 2017-03-17 08:57:46
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Inquiry about Offer 3d Animation Production Service (China (Mainland))2017-03-17 08:57:46
Hi - how much would you charge for a 3D animation film that is:
- 20 mins long?
- 30 mins long?

•	Please see a sample of these videos for an idea of effects:  

Here are some additional details about the project:
   1) I would send you the voices, music & sound effects
    1a)(but I would like a quote for if you did the voices (would have to be male voice actors only, even for impersonating female or girl voices)
   2) The language would be in English 
     2a)(what other languages can you provide & how much would that cost?)

What discount could you offer me if I hired you to do this every month?

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