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Inquiry About Yueyang Jiahe Precision Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-07-15 04:27:49
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Inquiry About Yueyang Jiahe Precision Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.2019-07-15 04:27:49
Please inform the price and delivery time to Ukraine:

  To compressor Bitzer:

 1) 0707-3800-std

 piston ring 38.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 2HES 2HC-1.2 2HC-2.2

 2) 0707-4000-std

 piston ring 40.0(std)-P2.00-to fit bitzer 2HL


 piston ring 41.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 2GC-2.2 4FC-3.2 4FC-5.2

 4) 0707-4101-std

 piston ring 41.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 2GC,2GES,4FC 4FES-3

 5) 0707-4600-std

 piston ring 46.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 2FC-2.2 2FC-3.2 2EC-2.2 2EC-3.2 4EC-4.2 4EC-6.2

 6) 0707-4601-std

 piston ring 46.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 2FC 2EC 2FES-2 4EC 4EES-4 2FES-3 2EES-2 2EES-3 4EES-6

 7) 0707-5000-std

 piston ring 50.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 2DC-2.0,2DC-3.2,4DC-5.2,4DC-7.2

 8) 0707-5001-std

 piston ring 50.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 2DC 4DC 4DES-5 2DES-2 2DES-3 4DES-7

9) 0707-5200-std

 piston ring 52.0(std)-P2.00-to fit bitzer 2DL-2.2 2DL-3.2

 10) 0707-5501-std

 piston ring 55.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 2CL-3.2 2CL-4.2 2U,4VCS,4VC-10.2,4VC-6.2 4VE,4Z-5.2,4V-6.2,4P,4P.2 4P-15.2

 11) 0707-5502-std

 piston ring 55.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 2U,4VCS 2U4 4VC-10.2 4VE 4Z-5.2 4V-6.2 4P,4P.2 4P-15.2 2CC-3.2 2CC-4.2 4CC-6.2 4CC-9.2

12)  0707-6001-std

 piston ring 60.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 2Q,2N,4TCS,4TC,4TES,4TE,4T,4N, S4T-5.2,S4N-8.2-low 2T.2,2N.2,4T.2,4N.2, S4G-12.2-high

13)  0707-6002-std

 piston ring 60.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 4TC-12.2 2Q,2N,4TCS,4TC,4TES,4TE,4T,4N S4T-5.2,S4N-8.2-low 2T.2,2N.2,4T.2,4N.2, S4G-12.2-high

 14) 0707-6011-std

 piston ring 60.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 4TCS-12.2 4TC,4TES-12 4TE 4TCS-12.2 4TES-12

 15) 0707-6012-std

 piston ring 60.0(std)-P1.00-to fit bitzer 4TCS-12.2 4TC,4TES-12 4TE 4TES-9 4TCS-12.2 4TES-12

 16) 0707-6501-std

 piston ring 65.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 4PCS 4PC-10.2 4PES,4PE,4J,4JE-15 4JE-22 6J,6JE-25 S6J 4JE-15 4JE-22 6JE-25 4JE-22

 17) 0707-6502-std

 piston ring 65.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 4PCS 4PC-10.2 4PES,4PE,4J,4JE-15,6J, 6JE-25 S6J 4JE-22 4JE-15 4JE-22 6JE-25 4JE-22

 18) 0707-6511-std

 piston ring 65.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 4PCS,4PC,4PES-12 4PE 4PCS-10.2 4PES-10 4PE-10 4PES-12 4PES-15

 19)  0707-6512-std

 piston ring 60.0(std)-P1.00-to fit bitzer 4PCS,4PC,4PES-12 4PE 4PCS-10.2 4PES-10 4PE-10 4PES-12 4PES-15
20)  0707-7001-std

 piston ring 70.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 4NCS,4NC,4NES,4NE,4H, 4HE-25V1 6H-25.2 6HE,S6H,4H.2,6H.2 6H-35.2 6H-25.2 4HE-15 6H-35.2 4HE-25 4HE-15 4HE-25 4NC-12.2 4NC-20.2

 21) 0707-7002-std

 piston ring 70.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 4NCS,4NC,4NES,4NE,4H,4HE-25V1 6H-25.2 4NC-12.2 4NC-20.2 6HE,S6H,4H.2,6H.2 6H-35.2 4HE-15 4HE-25

 22) 0707-7011-std

 piston ring 70.0(std)-Cr1.00-to fit bitzer 4NCS,4NC,4NES-20 4NE 4NES-12V1V2 4NES-20V1V2 4NES-14 4NE-12.2 4NES-12 4VE-6 4NCS-12.2 4NES-20

 23) 0707-7012-std

 piston ring 70.0(std)-P1.00-to fit bitzer 4NCS,4NC,4NES-14 4NE 4NES-12V1V2 4NES-20V1V2 4NES-20 4NE-12.2 4NES-12 4VE-6 4NCS-12.2 4NES-20

24) 0707-7501-std

 piston ring 75.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 8GC-60.2 6G-30.2 6GE,8GC50,8GE50,8GE-60 4G.2 6G.2 4GE-20 S6G-25.2 6G-40.2 6G-25.2

25) 0707-7502-std

 piston ring 75.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 8GC-60.2 6G-30.2 6GE,8GC50, 8GE50,8GE-60 4G.2,6G.2 4GE-20 S6G-25.2 6G-40.2 6G-25.2

 26) 0707-8201-std

 piston ring 82.0(std)-Cr1.50-to fit bitzer 8FC-70.2 4FE-25 6FE-40 8FC-60.2 8FE-60 8FE-70 6F.2 S6F-30.2

 27) 0707-8202-std

 piston ring 82.0(std)-P1.50-to fit bitzer 4F,8FC-70.2,4FE-25,6F,6FE,8FC60, 8FE60,8FE70,S6F,6F.2 S6F-30.2


  To compressor Copeland/Prestcold

 1) 0907-4760-std

 piston ring (1-7/8)47.6(std)-P1.58-to fit copeland KAT1,KAT2 DKL KAL1,KAL2

 2) 0907-5080-std

 piston ring (2.0)50.8(std)-P1.58-to fit copeland DLF

 3) 0907-6030-std

 piston ring (2-3/8)60.3(std)-P1.58-to fit copeland 9RC D3SC-750 D3DC3/4-1000 DLLE D2SC D3SC-750 DLL LAL1 3DB,3DJ,3DP,D3DC3/4-1000,9DB,9DP 9RB,9RC,9RP,9TL DLSG

 4) 0907-6031-std

 piston ring(for cast iron piston) (2-3/8)60.3(std)-PSH(1/8)3.17-to fit copeland D9RC-1000 LALA LALB D9RC-1000,9RB,9RC,9RP,9TL,9RZ

5) 0907-6191-std

 piston ring (2-7/16)61.9(std)-P1.58-to fit copeland D3SS-1000 D3DS3/4-1000 9RS-1505 D3SS-1500 9RS-1500 9RT 9RS-0765,9RS-1015,9TH D3SS-1000 D9RS-1000/1000L,D9RS-1500,9RS1-1505, 9RT-1505 NRA.NRD2-3/8?,NRE LAC1 3DR,3DS,3DT,D3DS,9DS,9DT 9RS-0760, 9RS-1010,9TH DLH LAM1

 6) 0907-6350-std

 piston ring (2-1/2)63.5(std)-P1.58-to fit copeland 4RA,D4SF,D6SA,D6SF,D6TA D4SF-1000 4RA,4RE,6RA,6RB,6RE,6RN,D4SA-1000/2000,D4SF-1000 6RA4-2000 6RN2-3000 4DA,4DE,4DN,D4DA5-1000/2000,D4DF3/4-1000 2DL,D2DL-750 2DC,D2DC-500 2DD D2DL-750 D4DF3/4-1000 6RA4-2000 6RN2-3000

 7) 0907-6352-std

 piston ring(for cast iron piston) (2-1/2)63.5(std)-Oil(1/8)3.17-to fit copeland MRA,MRF,MRJ

8) 0907-6821-std

 piston ring (2-11/16)68.2(std)-P(1/16)1.58-to fit copeland D,R,RH D6TH-2000 6RH1-3500 6RL1-2500 6RP2-3500 4RH 6RK 6RL1-2500 6RP2-3500 6TM 6CC D6SH-2000/3500 D6TH-2000 D4SH-1500 D4SL-1500 D4SH 6RH1-3500 4DB,4DC, 6DB,6DW,6DY 4DH,4DK,4DL,4DP,6DH,6DK,6DL,6DP, D4DH,D4DL5-1500,D4DL 8DP

9) 0907-6822-std

 piston ring (2-11/16)68.2(std)-P(1/8)3.17x3.10-to fit copeland RH,DH D8SH,D8RH D8DH-5000

10) 0907-7461-std

 piston ring (2-15/16)74.6(std)-P(1/16)1.58-to fit copeland RJ,CC75 D6TJ-2500 4RJ,4RR,6RJ,6RR,6RS,6RT,D6SJ-3000/4000 D6TJ-2500 4DJ,4DT,4DR, 6DE,6DF,6DJ,6DR,6DS,6DT D8DJ1-6000 8DS

11) 0907-7462-std

 piston ring (2-15/16)74.6(std)-P3.17mm(1/8inch)-to fit copeland 6RJ,6RR,8DJ,8RJ,8SJ D8SJ1-6000,D8SJ2

12) 0907-7463-std

 piston ring (2-15/16)74.6(std)-P3.17(2.37)-to fit copeland 6RJ,6RR,8DJ,8RJ,8SJ

13) 0907-8060-std

 piston ring 80.6(std)-to fit copeland 8SK-7000 D8SK1-7000 D8SK2-7000 8SK3-7000

Interesing for 100 pieces

 Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
Sincerely, Director of the PCF "Heat - Cold"
Zhuravlev Sergey Vitalyevich

Tel. + 38- (06192) -5-76-51
mob + 38- (050) -49-59-066
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