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Delivery China to Germany
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  • 2019-06-20 17:24:09
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Delivery China to Germany2019-06-20 17:24:09
Hello , we are american logistics company . Have a question for you .. 

    The specific request concerns aluminum foil for chocolate factories in Germany (HS Code 7607 20 10). It is likely to be at least one container per month. The exact quantity distribution and delivery rhythm is still set.
But we have some other projects with other products, such as foil packaging for nuts, Jugurtbecher etc. This involves significantly larger volumes.
These businesses are run by our company in HK, and very often the logistics will be ordered directly from our suppliers in China, as we prescribe them as DDP delivery conditions. We leave open whether we want to take over this in the future. For our own price calculation we need the costs from you

    from China to Germany (in future Central Europe, because some food factories are also in other European countries), as well as the costs of
    a logistics hub capable of temporarily storing the goods / containers, and e.g. to deliver half a container per week.
We need these prices for
    Transport to logistics warehouse DE and
    Interim storage with delivery picking, as well
    Delivery to the food factories in Germany

Specified individually, because not every customer has the same needs.
Example yogurt cups: there will be 2-4 pieces 40'Container per week, there is no intermediate storage required.

 For distribution in DE perhaps a formula would be good with quantity of goods / pallets / weight and distance. We need this information already in the offer phase, because the customer can only order based on our offer. In the case of aluminum foil for chocolate, this is the case in the earliest approx. 6 weeks. In any case, exact coordination will take place early as soon as a concrete timetable has been agreed with the customer.Please send me e-mail address for our order.
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