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  • Juan Francisco Salazar
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  • 2017-04-15 22:28:10
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Job opportunity2017-04-15 22:28:10
My name is Juan Francisco Salazar and I live in Chile and I search the new future job. I like to work with yours, I have a lot experience in the wine world, with the different customers and markets. And also see the news about your country tray improve or boost the soccer I like the play, see and to go the stadium with my kids.

I am proactive and hard working. I speak, write and read Spanish (native) and speak, write and read English. I am energetic and highly motivated. Please consider me for any position you might have available and give me the chance you don’t regret.

I worked the 2001 harvest (as a trainee) and the 2002 harvest (as a cellar worker) at Skylane KJ Winery  (EEUU).  In particular, I worked with the Chardonnay barrels (alcoholic and malolactic fermentation) and Cabernet S. (malolactic fermentation)

Corpora Winery (ChiIe) worked 2003-2004 assistant winemaker for the 4 brands (Gracia, Porta, Veranda and Agustinos), the company sale 300.000-400.000 box/year. I assistant for the winemaker from USA TJ Evans chief winemaker for Gracia wines and Jessica Tomey winemaker for Porta, where make different quality (private label, varietal, reserve, grand reserve and premium) and different varieties (S.Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Mouvedre, Viogner, Cabernet S., Merlot, Carmenere and Malbec). I worked together with the marketing team.

Empresas Lourdes, from 2004 to 2011, (export bottle and bulk wine, also juice from Chile), crushing 30-35 million kg and producing 30-35 million liters in annual sales, as head winemaker and then also as operations manager.  I was in charge of issuing all work orders, customer samples, weekly task planning, inventory checks, etc. I made various blends for different brands and markets: The Wine Group (Brands: Franzia and Corbet C.) - E&J Gallo, sweet Muscat  - Delicato  - Mission Hill  - Andrew Peller Canada - Constellation UK  - LGCH France – Cofco China - etc. I worked with the broker (local and international Ciatti and San Nicolas), open new market and customers.

La Villita Winery, from 2011 to now. The company crush around 10 million kg per harvest. Sale the wine in the local market to Santa Rita mostly and export to Europe. The company improve the wines in the last 4 years and sales grew since 3 million to 7 million during this 4 years.

In addition, I have a lot experience with different types of technology.  For example:  thermovinification  - centrifuges  - cross flow  - stability continues.  
I am visit for the 5 years the Amsterdam World Bulk Wine Fair, and visit the different winery in Germany (Oster; Ostrau, Les Grand Chais; Etc) Spain (Cooperativa Nuestra Sra de Manjavacas; Gallego & Laporte). Talk with the winemakers and buyers for knowledge the types of wine likes the consumers.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply! 
Best Regards, 
Francisco Salazar

Mr. Marco Adam - Ciatti Broker
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