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I would like to purchaseHI sir i required A4 copy paper 70 GSM Regular bases Please send per ton rate Karachi , Pakistan Regards Kamran yousaf your products. Please contact me

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2020-01-20 18:45:04
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Parts for model g-301
Looking for control box for a 2015 g-301 massage tub

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  • Guangdong Midocean Sanitaryware Technology Co., Ltd.
United States
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2020-01-14 23:40:02
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Dear Friends, We are a trading company from Bulgaria: "IMEXTRA" Ltd IMport&EXport&TRAde SOFIA/B U L G A R I A Mr. Valentin Kandjikov e-mail : office@imextra.eu tel: +359 899 049 567 VAT-BG 040564471 EORI-BGC040564471ZZZZ4 We have seen that you are importing COPPER CATHODES. We can provide a COPPER CATHODES supplier. COPPER CATHODES FROM CONGO / ZAMBIA & TANZANIA WITH DISCOUNTS RATE MINUS 20 % FACING LME ( London Metal Exchange) IRDLC & SBLC NON TRANSFERABLE PAYMENTS COULD BE CONSIDERED AND ACCEPTED PAYMENTS REALIZED AT DESTINATION PORT MOQ : 10.000 MMT X 12 2% PB & POP bank to bank to activate the L/C If the proposal is of interest to you, please let us know. Have a nice weekend. Best Regards Valentin Kandjikov

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2020-01-10 20:40:19
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stainless steel multi function pocket knife, 3.5" looking for 2000 units

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  • Zhao Xianfeng Manufacturing Company Limited
United States
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2020-01-07 05:31:35
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Dear sir, could you please advise if you have pure soap powder, the sam like Wilmar has. Granules size is 40-50 Mesh Demand is 120 MT prer Year Please provide an offer on CFR Saint Petersburg. Please provide MSDS< TDS< customs code Natalie Magay Marketing manager tel.: +7 (812) 600-15-67 11593, Moscow, Lusinovskaya 36-1 WhAPP: +7 911 215 70 52 nmagay@interdisp.ru www.interdisp.ru

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2020-01-04 23:45:13
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Ocupo comprar: Tarjeta de control electrónicoFrigidaire Washer MAM160 / S2802GPS / M 301321600007 ROHS

Costa Rica
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2019-12-27 10:58:24
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2019-12-16 15:25:59
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Dear Sir/Madam I hope this email finds you well, We are a buying and procurement firm based in the UK and we are very interested in working with you on our new product. The product is a new type of drinking flask ,that we will be looking to share its features with you to see whether your factory is able to make the product for us, we have certain requirements regarding the material we need to use: - The manufacturer must be able to source food grade reusable rPET plastic that is safe for human consumption. - We also need to see certification that states that the material is safe for human consumption and has gone through testing such as SGS FCM Material testing. Are you able to help us with this project? we have the CAD files but we need to go over a few details before we proceed. if you are able to source this type of plastic, please let us know Looking forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Trade Alternatives Amir Malek

United Kingdom
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2019-12-12 15:40:17
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Hi, I'm looking for a compny to produce a paper product to suit my terms. How can we connect to check if this company is the right provider for my customized paper product? My direct number is: +972-54-5644409 Thanks, Einav

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2019-12-08 16:20:30
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ICM is a leading Engingeering/Procurment/Construction Mgmt. company based out of Colwich, KS USA specializing in Corn Ethanol production facilities. We are trying to find quotes for Steam Bundle Drying System for project in South America capable of drying the following process streams (Wet Cake/Dried Distillers Grains): Total Wet cake and Syrup feed (combined): 4.05 ton per hour at 36.5% solids (63.5% H2O) Wet cake portion: 3.16 tph at 36% solids (64% H2O) Syrup portion: .88 tph at 38% solids (62% H2O) DDGS: 1.64 tph at 88% solids (12% H2O) Water evaporated: 2.41 tph

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  • Yixing Grand Drying & Concentrating Equipment Co., Ltd.
United States
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2019-11-26 01:10:01
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.

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2019-11-19 20:22:27
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ore and ingots mining and trading company

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2019-11-10 16:51:19
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

Russian Federation
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2019-11-09 01:03:15
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Dear Sirs, We are Ukrainian Trade company Stemax. For more than 7 years we are working on Ukrainian market with screws and other goods. We are main suppliers to DIY chain, with huge building molls like Nova Linia, Leroy Merlin, Epicenter. From now we are opening new direction- furniture. Please, send me your best price offer for assortment which you have. Then we will detalize our request. Also, it will be better and the best if you send us pdf cataloque, we will quicker clarify our request. We are ready to start, waiting for your reply. Thank you. Best regards, Helen Momot

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  • Zhejiang Jinaoda Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd
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2019-11-06 23:15:44
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I need a price list for the scooter 150cc phoenix 2006. looking for the front panel kit etc? thanks Please send me a catalogue & prices.

United States
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2019-11-05 06:24:04
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Hello, This is Mauricio Treviño from Mexico, I understand you distribute fruits and vegetables in china, I work with an agricultural grup that farms Avocado Hass and recentley we are exporting ou products to the US and China, if you are interested in Avocado please let me know so we can send ou infromation. Best regards.

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2019-11-05 02:19:50
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Dear Team I am from India, Bangalore. I have requirement of 80 GSM A4 size. Kindly share the contact person details. Approximate qty is 5 to 6 containers every month.

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2019-11-03 21:51:33
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Good day! My name is Aika, i am a purchasing manager in Kazakhstan advertising agency "Giftware". Could you kindly check a new request for coffee press as shown in attachment and quote prices, pls? I need to get EXW USD price. Quantity: 1000 / 3000 / 5000 / 7000 pcs Please fill the attachment, it's important! It's very urgent!!! Waiting for your kindly reply! With best wishes, Aika

Russian Federation
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2019-09-30 14:10:51
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Dear Nanlong-Team, I am writing in the name of NIKIN (www.nikinclothing.com), a very successful, fast growing Swiss company that plants one tree for each product sold. We are currently looking for a new supplier for our vacuum flask bottles: https://nikinclothing.com/collections/treebottles I already want to tell you: It is very important for us that you have a valid SA8000 or BSCI certificate. We want to order 10.000 bottles in 8 different colours. Herefore I have the following questions (please copy my questions into your email and write your answers in red behind it): About certification: 1. Do you have a valid SA8000 and/or BSCI certificate? 2. If yes, can you prove us the validity of this certificate? About colors: 1. Do you do custom pantone colours? 2. Can you do the pantone colours in powder coating? 3. What is the MOQ per colour? About the material: 1. Can you use 18/8 stainless steel (with double insulated wall)? 2. If not: What other bottles can you offer us? About the price: 1. What is your price for 10.000 bottles in 8 colours? About shipping: 1. How long production take after final order confirmation? 2. Can you deliver by air to Zurich Airport (ZRH)? Can you produce samples? 1. How long does producing samples take? 2. In case samples cost something, can you deduct the sampling cost from the final order amount? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Best regards, Timo NIKIN GmbH Timo Bissig Productmanager Sägestrasse 46 5600 Lenzburg CH - Switzerland timo@nikin.ch www.nikin.ch / www.nikinclothing.com Think before you print!

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2019-09-29 01:11:38
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I need quotattion and catlogues 2019/20 Tks Silvia freepackarg@gmail.com

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  • Fujian Hengjiu Energy-saving Technology Co. Ltd
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2019-09-19 21:36:02
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Hi, My name is Gloisa dela Cruz from Splendoress Brand. We are a private label company that sells to the USA market for over 7 years. We are interested in sourcing your Newsprint Packing Paper. We would like to know if it’s possible to private label your models? What is your Skype/Whatsapp ID? Do you sell to any other USA brands? What are the names of brands? Thank you. Best regards, Gloisa Email: gloisa@splendoress.com Skype: gloisa.dela.cruz WhatsApp: +639473394948

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2019-09-19 15:11:53
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Dear Sir, Please quote your best CIF Cochin, India price and your terms and condition for one 20Ft container ( 8000 ream) A4 paper, 80 GSM Best regards Lokesh Bhaskar Business development manager +91 9495 91 4400 Office Plus Importing and exporting Co

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2019-09-17 13:41:16
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Dear Concern, Good day! I am from Bangladesh working as a manager, Fire safety operation at Liz fashion Industries Ltd. We have bought 34 pieces three hour fire rated, UL and Intertek listed Fire doors from your industry. Mr David chung was our supplier. He supplied us doors frame and Leaf with temporary plastic or paper sticker. Do you supply door frame and door Leaf with plastic or paper sticker? Usually all door frame and door Leaf has permanent metal sticker with UL or Intertek mark. I told Mr. David Chung that I am not going to accept the door leaf and door frame with temporary sticker as local authority having Jurisdiction won't accept this. Then Mr. David chung supplied us metal stickers for all door frame and door leaf of which WHI number is not matching with the previous WHI number of paper stickers. Below I am sending you some of WHI number. Door Leaf: 72473, 72474, 72475 etc Door Frame: 75459, 75460, 75462 etc Is these WHI numbers are valid or supplied by you to Bangladesh? Mr. David chung mentioned that he is supplying us theses metal stickers (with Intertek mark) form your factory. Is this true? Usually no stickers are supplied to any consumer by the door manufacturing Industry. It is fixed inside manufacturer factory. Please reply me soon, Thanks for your consideration. Best Regards, Engr. S. M. Abdullah Al Faruque Manager, Fire Safety Operation Liz Fashion Industires Ltd.

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  • Chongqing Mexin Messon Doors Industry Co., Ltd.
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2019-09-17 12:38:11
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Please provide me with more product details.we are looking for pvc leather car stocklot

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2019-09-05 06:44:13
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