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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2022-10-11 14:15:31
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2022-06-17 18:01:59
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

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2022-05-22 15:24:36
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

United Arab Emirates
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2022-05-10 12:47:45
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Dear Sirs, We are interested in PET bottles for medical suppliments. Please kindly send us the catalogue and the price list. Also please advice how we can receive the samples Thank You Marina

Russian Federation
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2022-03-09 19:17:02
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Hello, Luca Comincioli from Cofemo Italy (your customr) wrote. I know Mr. Yorke doesn't work anymore in your factory. We woould like to have a new contact to go ahead with the cooperation. Thanks Regards Luca

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2021-03-01 17:05:33
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Please send me more about the product infomation and wechat contact person. my mobile phone is +60123289338

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2020-10-27 10:51:12
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We wish to make some large purchase from your company. We need assurance that good quality of these items would be delivered to us after you receive our order.

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2020-05-19 04:43:30
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Please confirm if you have and can supply large quantity and product availability.

  • Bag Making Machine Parts
  • Factory direct sale high quality metal offset printing brand logo with pins custom
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2020-05-15 04:59:04
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Please confirm if you have and can supply large quantity and product availability.

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2020-05-15 04:58:33
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Please confirm if you have and can supply large quantity and product availability. also send wechat, whatsapp or skype for easy communication

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2020-05-14 18:21:28
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!We would need 4 of the ultrasonic Machine Lace Die Spare Parts. And we would need them as soon as possible. Could you give me a price and an estimated delivery date?

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2020-04-06 14:50:02
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Dear Sirs, I`m Svetlana form Saturn company, Russia. Our company TD SATURN LLC is the greatest wholesaler and retailer in the business & construction area in Russia. Our staff counts over 7 500 people throughout Russia. We import 1000 containers of construction materials per month from Europe and China. We have 16 branches and 45 sales outlets all over Russia. The company was established in 1994 in Saint-Petersburg. We supply goods to the biggest famous chain DIY stores, but also we have our own discount stores and the retail chain stores which develop intensively. Now we are looking for the reliable partners with competitive and stable prices, stable quality and deliveries in time which are ready to produce the goods under our own brands. We need high quality caulking guns. Please, find enclosed our inquiry with all requirements. Can you offer such goods or very similar to it? I`ll be glad to get your commercial offer. Best Regards, Svetlana Kovalchuk Import Department TD Saturn, LLC St. Petersburg Russia tel. +7 812 7031555 fax. +7 812 3461278 kovalchuk.s@fed.saturn.net www.saturn.net

Russian Federation
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2020-02-20 23:24:13
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Please contact me on WeChat .I need opal item please 03339129556 WeChat

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2019-11-11 22:44:19
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Hi! lbwlr.app We advance Sending your message through the Contact us form which can be found on the sites in the contact section. Contact form are filled in by our application and the captcha is solved. The superiority of this method is that messages sent through feedback forms are whitelisted. This technique increases the probability that your message will be read. Our database contains more than 25 million sites around the world to which we can send your message. The cost of one million messages 49 USD FREE TEST mailing of 50,000 messages to any country of your choice. This message is automatically generated to use our contacts for communication. Contact us. Telegram - @FeedbackFormEU Skype FeedbackForm2019 Email - FeedbackForm@make-success.com

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2019-08-18 16:22:02
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Dear Dearler, We are dock product producer company from Bulgaria/Europe. We are looking for, Sectional door motor set (3 to 8mt, 100 to 600kg) Garage door motor set (up to 3,5mt) Could you please give us detail info by mail ? sinan@m2on.com www.m2on.com (+359) 898 524 424

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2019-07-24 14:46:45
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Please send me detail proHello! I'm from AMP POWER HOLDINGS SDN BHD here in Malaysia, could you give us more detail catalogs about your product including your MOQ, payment method and delivery time. Pls kindly send us your catalog to this our office mail: ampowersdn@hotmail.com Your early reply will be highly appreciated. Best regards Johnny Poh AMP POWER HOLDINGS SDN BHD 7, PLOT 383, JALAN PERAK 1, KAWASAN PERINDUSTRIAN PASIR GUDANG, 81700 PASIR GUDANG, JOHOR, MALAYSIA. +607-2529678, +607-2536941 +607-2529527duct specification, thank you!

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2019-07-06 03:12:39
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Dear sir/madam, We are very much attracted to your product, and we sincerely hope to have a lasting business relationship with your company for the ongoing project. please, kindly reach us with the information below: .contact email address .materials description and unit price .terms of payment .terms of Delivery Please kindly contact us on the email below: E: purchase_gccuae@hotmail.com Best of regards. Khalid Albudoor Purchase Manager General Construction Co 8th floor, Al Mezan Building, Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, UAE. P.O. Box 30639 Call : +971 4 2806840 Fax : +971 4 2806403 Mail : purchase_gccuae@hotmail.com www.gccuae.com

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2019-06-13 12:36:38
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Need sample aluminum coil 110 micron thick printed one color one side and a varnish on the sealing side. Specs follow bellow: Material: aluminum Aluminum alloy: 8011 Hardness: O Thickness: 110 microns Width: 80 mm Core diameter: 75 mm External diameter: up to 750 mm We are a Brazilian company and our estimated consumption when factory runs full capacity is 10 t/month

IP : 177.189.79.**
2019-04-04 20:40:27
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We are looking for a potential graphite block supplier and the technical parameter can be provided separately. 1. The size of the graphite block : approx. 420x430x1850 mm 2.Average demanding per year : 40 block per year or you can propose us your MOQ. 3. Density is 1.72 - 1.75 g/cm3 4. Application : Exothermic welding mould & machinery vibration Best regards Raymond Poon

IP : 59.149.22.**
2019-01-17 17:40:30
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I would like to purchase your products. Please quote me the price for C handle 19mm diameter 450mm overall size, back to back and single secret fixing. M01-JD113.450.19-SS-FX7 x 5 pairs (back to back fixing) M01-PHSF-JD113.450.19-SS-FX4 x 2 pairs (secret face fixing) Regards, Pacy lam / Capitco

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2019-01-05 14:12:10
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Hi Introducing myself as Shubham Divesh, ASE of HyperXchange, we have built a prototype of mechanical-electrical device to test devices. We will share the details post NDA signing, as we are patent pending. We are planning to launch public version of the same and require professional designing team to design and fabiricate the final version of the same.

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2018-11-15 15:49:47
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Good day. We bought a tarpaulin a few years ago from your factory. Later, there were more and more problems with production, long deadlines. Has your factory survived these troubles? Are you working on? We would like to come back to cooperation. Please write an email to me at info.ekspand@gmail.com

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2018-10-01 16:11:57
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me sliding motors 300 kg / 500 kg / 800 kg swing motors with micro switch parallel curtain motors motors for lifting with counterweights, is the motor that is placed on the door leaf. Your comments commented. We need technical characteristics of each motor and watts of consumption of the same, My name is Fernando Alonso my mobil +54 9 11 5038 9408. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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2018-04-18 22:47:59
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