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Dear partners. Kindly advise materials regarding rotating blade band saw cnc machine for laminated MDF, OSB (thickness 24 mm) and aluminium composite boards ACB (thickness 4 mm) with maximum size 3048X1220 mm. The width of the cutting machine should not exceed 2350 mm, the height of the cutter should not exceed 2600 mm. Please bear in mind that Aluminium Composite Board consists of 2 aluminium plates max. 0,5 mm in thickness, with non-metallic inner layer. Thank you, Pavel Baklitsky

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2023-05-29 17:34:27
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Please quote : Item No. Mat'l code                                Material  Description Unit Req Quantity 1.00           ELECTRICAL CABINET WALL MOUNTING INDUSTRIAL ENCLOSURE :MAKER VETO, HEIGHT: 300 MM, WIDTH:250 MM, DEPTH: 150 MM / IP65 IEC60529 PCS 1 2.00           ELECTRICAL CABINET WALL MOUNTING INDUSTRIAL ENCLOSURE :MAKER VETO, HEIGHT: 400 MM, WIDTH:300 MM, DEPTH: 200 MM / IP65 IEC60529 PCS 2 3.00           ELECTRICAL CABINET WALL MOUNTING INDUSTRIAL ENCLOSURE :MAKER VETO, HEIGHT: 200 MM, WIDTH:200 MM, DEPTH: 150 MM / IP65 IEC60529 PCS 6

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2023-04-30 18:25:23
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

Russian Federation
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2023-03-31 16:25:23
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HELLO, We are an import agent company based in chennai,india. Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. 

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2023-03-15 15:23:19
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fashion 925 sterling silver pendant necklace

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2023-03-15 09:12:06
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

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2023-02-21 19:35:24
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Hello, Please quote for the below Model-- MS5205 High-precision Digital Insulation Resistance Tester 250-2500V Megger Vibration Meter Range 0.01-100GΩ

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2023-01-20 11:02:52
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Good morning. I am Lyz from Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd. I am looking for few recycle materials use in develop the new sustainability product, final application is automotive or home appliance. Trial site will be in Singapore and the final production site will be in Vietnam. I get your company information through online and I hope we have the chance to have a cooperation in sustainability industry. There are few requirement for the recycle material, 1. rPET with IV 0.60~0.65 dl.g 2. Non FDA compliance required 3. 100% PCR Kindly share me your company products which able to meet the requirement listed . Looking forward to your sharing. Thank you.

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2023-01-16 11:31:53
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Dear Sir, We are a System Integrating company from Egypt, specialized in Desktops and Laptops + accessories. And I'm interested in some of the parts sold on your website, but I have some points which need clarification before we place any orders, 1. Are u eligible to Sell and ship to Egypt ? 2. Where do u ship from ? and approximately how long does it take for orders to be shipped and arrive to Egypt ? 3. What is your payment terms ? 4. What is your Return / Refund Policy ? Appreciate your urgent feedback Hoda Gamal 

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2023-01-10 22:19:35
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Dear Sir, We are system integration company from Egypt, and we are interested in some of your products. Can u please advise for our below inquiries, * Can you ship your parts to Cairo / Egypt ? * From Where do u usually ship the parts ? - Warehouse Location * What are your payment Terms ? * What are your Warranty / Return Policies ? Thanks, and awaiting for your urgent feedback

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2022-12-20 21:39:55
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Please send me an email if this company is real and valid.

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2022-12-12 21:10:20
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Hello! Please, tell me, have you the opportunity to provide us with some of the ports below, how large is this part of the supply, what are the estimated delivery times and how much does it cost? PND - Port Disk Flexible, smooth flat base.                                           Engage E8402                   Hose Barb           Base – Flat PND2-E8402-QC               1/8"                     2 1/4" Disk PND5-E8402-QC               5/16"                   2 1/4" Disk PND6-E8402-QC               3/8"                     2 1/4" Disk Best wishes, Kseniya

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2022-11-08 17:21:24
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hello. can I buy equipment from you?

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2022-08-25 15:25:20
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Hello, we are looking for a CSF58 bearing Do you have it ? With the best regards!

Russian Federation
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2022-06-17 18:21:09
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We are looking for BSPH MP-120 model. regards

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2022-04-28 14:42:46
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We are a French company looking for the following steel:  Steel grade 18CrNiMo7-6 Caution  It must be exactly this grade; No other grade, even if is similar, will be allowed;  Round bar Ø35h10 / Length 3 000 mm            Quantity à Batch 17 T (750 bars) à alternatively batch 34 T (1 500 bars)  Fob next sea port. Thank you for your best delivery time and offer Best regards P. Kugler CEO AIREM SA 74300 CLUSES (France)

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2022-04-15 03:00:00
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-04-12 15:09:13
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Hello, We are came from Cambodia. If possible, I would like to purchase your products. semi auto for jar (200ml ~1500ml) semi auto for water bottle (300ml ~ 1500ml) Pls. contact me with full informations. B.rgds, Jason Jeong/CEO CamKo Brothers Co., Ltd. M: +855-69 801010

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2022-02-11 16:56:08
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Please send me a catalogue & prices on your notebooks

South Africa
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2022-02-03 03:04:00
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Good day sir,please we are interested in your products.Please send us your quotation and price list Thanks Mr.Michael Camara Sales Director

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2022-02-02 20:37:35
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Hello, I produce bubble wrap in Poland, I have three production lines. I am looking for a new supplier, parts and machines, I need a pressure cylinder, photos attached. Mesh diameter 10mm, depth 4.4mm. Send me your offer. Regards Grzegorz

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2022-01-18 18:35:51
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Happy New Year! Can you supply Titanium Grade 2 Screws DIN 963 M1 x 2, qty: 200 pcs Thanks! Natalia Smirnov ANKURO Int. GmbH

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2022-01-02 21:44:47
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Hello dear, This is Benson from Na Pacific Canada, China buying office. Could you Pls quote the attached brackets? each pls quote 2000-2500 pcs.Finish is power coating blue. Pls let me know if any question.

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2021-12-03 00:35:17
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Good morning, this is AMB FACTORY from Italy. Currently, we are looking for Polyester four hole buttons. Size: from 16L to 54L Colour: white Thickness: 2.5 mm Quantity: from 30000 to 50000 If you could provide a price table for each of these size I will be grateful. Please send an email to the following address. e-mail: r.potere@ambfactory.it Thank you Looking forward to Your reply. Best Regards, Remo

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2021-11-18 23:16:32
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