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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!can you make gold filled jewelry? We have some items that need quotation and please communicate with me soon.
14k gold filled hoop earrings. 1.3mm thick.Sizes:10mm12mm16mm20mm50mm

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2023-06-02 17:30:02
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Dear Company, I want to order a mold for coin minting. The diameter of the final minted coin should be 16mm. you can see the attached photos of the real coin. The details are very small. if you need other details I have a 2D DXF file of one side for better estimation. After the primary agreement, I can bring the coin to your company.  I wait for your reply.

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2023-05-24 15:28:44
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Hello! My name is Bel Seixas, I am a Buyer for Taking Shape. I believe we used to deal with your company. Can you pls send me some images of your best sellers and prices? We are making a trip to China in July and would like to visit you. Pls advise. Thanks Bel

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2023-05-24 09:21:05
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  • Top Branded Cartier Designer Women's Bracelets & Cuffs - Womens Bracelet & Bangles for Cheap
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2023-05-17 10:00:06
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hi,  we usue to work together in the past. DE VROEY JEWELS from Belgium Is it possible to order again ?possible to see tjhe  collection online ? are you coming to the HK fair in september ? gr,Anthony

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2023-05-15 16:03:27
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Здравствуйте, хочу ознакомиться с вашим ассортиментом.

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2023-05-11 02:03:33
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  • Guangzhou Kashiman jewelry Purple crystal platinum bracelet manufacturer direct copper - plated rhodium
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2023-05-02 19:22:35
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2023-04-07 00:02:45
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Please send us the top 10 Bracelets you have with prices to check your newest collection. Thanks Toni

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2023-04-04 01:09:17
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Hi how r u?
Please message me on whats app when you can thank you :)

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2023-03-27 11:30:03
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Can you send my your e catalog  and your address thanks

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2023-03-15 20:51:12
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Please tell me how can I buy metal cubes at retail? I need 150 gold (10mm), 100 silver (8mm) and 400 copper (7mm). I am not a company, I am an individual. I am in Russia.

Russian Federation
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2023-03-09 03:15:03
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Hi. I am looking for a manufacturer for a rope based product that I created. I have directions in PDF with materials and how to create. i can send photos. It consists of mostly 3/8" braided rope, scuba neoprene 1/8" thick, shrink wrap and paracord.  Would you be interested in know more about this opportunity?  Do you know of a manufacturer who might be?  I can provide addt'l information and photos. thanks! Bram hubhanger.com (coming soon) CEO MN, USA 56091

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2023-02-21 08:33:29
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please contact me I need to buy your tarnish free earring 

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2023-02-15 21:49:51
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Hello freind I am interested in stainless steel covered in gold plated. Do you also send catalogs.

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2023-02-14 14:00:03
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Hello. Check backybecky1 in Skype

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2023-02-06 17:30:02
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Hello, We made an order with you in 2021 for 2500 pcs of coasters. It was with Connie  but the email doesn't work anymore. Can you still products these kind of coasters ? Do you have a new price and time considering production and shipping ? Best regards,

Czech Republic
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2023-01-09 23:58:38
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United States
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2022-12-04 14:40:02
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2022-10-21 03:43:40
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2022-10-08 17:29:38
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2022-09-02 18:42:17
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Hi Solo Zhang, We are currently interested in looking into purchasing silicone chopsticks for kids, could you please send us a catalogue & prices? Was also wondering if you would do shipments to Melbourne, Australia? and if there is a freight fee? Kind Regards, Wendy

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2022-08-24 10:14:00
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Hello, Do you offer private label or white label products?

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2022-07-25 06:01:11
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2022-07-08 09:23:20
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