Inquiry for hot rolled steel coil

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Inquiry for hot rolled steel coil
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  • 2018-09-09 20:02:28
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Inquiry for hot rolled steel coil2018-09-09 20:02:28
Dear Sir,
Good day!
This Reza from Tehran Boston Engineers Co. 
For one of our projects in Iran (Khouzestan province) we are looking for the following hot rolled steel coil for manufacturing steel water transmission pipes:
1-	Grade St-52, Thickness 14.27 mm: 53,913 ton
2-	Grade St-52, Thickness 11.91 mm: 26,929 ton
3-	Grade St-52, Thickness 11.13 mm: 20,148 ton
4-	Grade St-52, Thickness 10.31 mm: 18,862 ton
5-	Grade St-52, Thickness 9.53 mm: 2,701 ton
6-	Grade St-52, Thickness 7.92 mm: 1,474 ton
7-	Grade St-52, Thickness 5.56 mm: 271 ton
8-	Grade St-52, Thickness 4.78 mm: 11 ton

9-	Grade St-37, Thickness 14.27 mm: 18,049 ton
10-	Grade St-37, Thickness 11.91 mm: 18,049 ton
11-	Grade St-37, Thickness 10.31 mm: 2,707 ton
12-	Grade St-37, Thickness 9.53 mm: 9,234 ton
13-	Grade St-37, Thickness 8.74 mm: 1,449 ton
14-	Grade St-37, Thickness 5.56 mm: 1,011 ton
15-	Grade St-37, Thickness 5.16 mm: 11 ton
16-	Grade St-37, Thickness 4.78 mm: 1,139 ton
Kindly send your quotation based on CFR Bandar Abbas (Iran).
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