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Please send me more about the product price for PRC 146. I need only handset and antenna for our client. 

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2023-04-06 16:55:04
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Do you know Jessica Lu
Can I get your email sir?
I am looking for 3 EC 1500 and 1 EC 1600 that can count our new bills of December 2022.

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2023-01-29 00:40:02
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Sample to Russia need

Russian Federation
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2022-10-11 17:21:03
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Could I please buy one for work? This is a good bit of kit. You’ll likely get more sails once at work. Kind regards George

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2022-08-17 18:20:02
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2020-03-25 00:10:02
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I would like to know more about the product and prices. How much $ will cost to ship it to poland! And if its koronavirus free? I dont want import that flue to my house :/

  • Bullet Proof Helmet
  • Military tactical swat full face aramid bulletproof mask for police agents NIJ IIIA .44
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2020-03-13 03:43:49
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Dear, Good day We are the company Macroquil S.A. dedicated to the distribution of electronic security equipment based in Ecuador with more than 20 years in the market, dedicated to the distribution of electronic security equipment. We would like to get in touch with you. Please, I would appreciate your help with the list of price of equiments of beacons, sirens and speakers for motorcycles and police surveillance vehicles. We are very interested in your products and need to know the followings data: * Price FOB * Shipping time * Quantity minimum purchase. * Polices of purchase. * Time of warranty.

  • Bullet Proof Helmet
  • Jingjiang Guorun Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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2020-01-21 04:28:44
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