//VERY IMPORTANT//Collaboration and Advertisement About Rolltop Backpack

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//VERY IMPORTANT//Collaboration and Advertisement About Rolltop Backpack
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//VERY IMPORTANT//Collaboration and Advertisement About Rolltop Backpack2019-11-12 05:38:05
Hi dear Besnfoto authority,
I'm management member Emir Pektekin from Mersin University Photography Community. 
As a student, we all have a huge passion about photography. And in our community, we make workshops about photography, camera gear, shooting techniques etc. We have more than 600 students in our community and all of them are great photographers. For being a photographer, we all need a great cameras with high prices. We spend tons of money to buy a camera or a lens. And after purchasing a equipment, we want to cover and secure our gear in a tought, durable, and water resistant backpack. Everyday, our members ask us for what gear they should buy, which lens they should use or even which backpack we recommend them. Me and my other 12 committee member friends are looking for a backpack for a long time. Finally we found a brand named Wandrd, they have good bags but their prices are very high for a college students. As a student, we need a good priced bag with good features. We dont have a hope about Wandrd bags because of their price. So we try to find another backpack. Because everyday more of our students ask us to which bag they should buy. And with a great luck, I found your product on Amazon. Its same as Wandrd, but better as price. Then I talk to my management member friends and they love this backpack. Because in our Community Assisted tours, our members need to carry theis water, camera, outfits, tripods, chargers and all other stuff. For doing this, your backpack seems great. And price looks ok. But my management member friends wants to see and experience the backpack before recommend it to another students. Because money is a big problem for a students, and no one wants to buy something that not worth. For this case, we asking you to send us 1(one) Rolltop Backpack for testing. After we approve it (Im sure it will be) we guess more than 200 members will buy your backpack. If sending us a 1(one) backpack is not enough, you can give us 1(one) %50 discount code for us to buy your product. Im adding photos of our workshops and some of our tours with our small group of members. We can bring them all to tours because making a tour with 600 people is a hard job. 
Best regards,
Mersin University Photography Community Management Member Emir Pektekin
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