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Corrugation machine production line

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2023-04-25 11:09:18
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Hello, We ahve received a quotation from your company in the year 2018. The quotation concerned a 4 color full servo printer rotary diecutter with vibration stripper and stacking machine. 

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2023-03-21 22:42:32
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2023-02-28 21:40:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Hello please can you also send me your link to alibaba.com

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2023-02-06 07:40:02
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CLC-Q6 High Performance Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine Price from Guangzhou CLC Machinery

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2023-01-31 05:34:08
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Dears, Good day Please note that I'm interested in your products and here are the details needed for your reference to confirm the best offer. Flexo Print. Folder. Gluer line Sheet sizes : Length. ( MIN ). 350 ( MAX ). 2500 Width. ( MIN ). 200 ( MAX ). 630 Flutes : B, C , E “3 ply” ( 2,3,4 mm thickness), BC, EB “5 ply” Colors: 1/2/3/4 colours ( top and bottom printing) Unit of the machine: Mainly printer, slotter, die cutter, gluer, stitcher, folder, count ejector, wrapper Speed, Average of 250 feeds/ pcs in a minute The Machine will be installed in the factory area and need the machine dimensions and required space for installation. Need the machines in MAY.23 Would like to know about the warranty, after sales services Please send your machines specifications that can meet our requirements along with the prices as C&F and ETA. Thank you and awaiting your reply Regards,   Salem Bakhuribah, GM of Innovative Packaging Company Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 

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2023-01-28 02:41:24
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2022-08-24 19:33:37
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im interesting of rotary die cutting machine please write me by whatsapp +380503327732

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2021-10-25 06:05:45
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1200*2400 Lead edge printing slotting machine

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2021-10-23 12:34:56
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2020-12-16 11:34:43
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i was buy ur side flexo pritning anc cutting machine as 2 weeks ago, i received this machine but no have anyone cannot setting this mahcine.. plz check when u can come here and setting this machine?

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2020-02-10 13:00:39
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Dear Sir have a nice day. Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc thanks Mir_Hossain.

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2020-01-25 14:08:11
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Looking for board cutting machine, made in China/Taiwan. Shipping to Malaysia

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2019-11-21 10:56:16
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Hi, i am a carton manufacturer in Bangladesh. I am looking for new corrugated box making machines and right now i am in Guangzhou. Can we meet?

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2019-07-26 11:20:02
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am interested in the above machine delivery @ Mumbai how much will be the price ?
Chain Feeder Flexo Printer Slotterneed details for the above machine delivery mumbai kindly advice price

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2019-07-06 14:30:02
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pls.send us best quotation and specs. for : 1.Automatic Flexo slotter 4colours die cutter and stacker with vacum feeding4 size bord 900x2200mm/2300mm or 1000x2200/2300mm. 2.4 point gluing machine. 1700x900mm 3.semi automat die cutting creasing machine 1100x800mm 4.Laminating and casering machine. 5.pressing machine 1.1x0.7x1m 6.wrapping paleti machine we need to know what is available in stoc and if you can deliver in maxim 1mounth to Romania.

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2018-10-17 10:55:49
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Pls. Give us best price for automatic with vaccum 4colours slotting printing die cutting on line with folder guler and stacker machine....sheet size 1000x2200mm...speed 5000pcs./hour Waiting urgently today for tour reply.. Regards Yassin Samer

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2018-08-27 08:32:49
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Please send me a catalogue & prices for airport gang chair 5 seaters

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2018-08-22 09:33:32
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Dear Sir., We are North Base Company for general trading and services located in Erbil, north of Iraq since 2011. We ask you kindly to offer us THREE OR FOUR COLOUR FLEXO PRINTER SLOTTER DIE-CUTTER & AUTO STICKER as per the below information: 001 CLC-Q2-0920-3SD THREE COLOR FLEXO PRINTER SLOTTER DIE-CUTTER & AUTO STACKER 1 SET Lead Edge Feeding System (1-set Suction Blower + Anti Brushers for Dust Removing) 1 unit Printer (Roll to Roll Transfer, Rubber + Ceramic Roller) 3 units Slotting Unit (Pre-creasing, Creasing, Slotting) 1 unit Die-cutting Unit 1 unit Vibrating Unit 1 unit Hydraulic Auto Stacker 1 unit 002 CLC-Q2-1224-4SDF FOUR COLOR FLEXO PRINTER SLOTTER DIE-CUTTER INLINE FOLDER GLUER & COUNTER EJECTOR 1 SET Lead Edge Feeding System (1-set Suction Blower + Anti Brushers for Dust Removing) 1 unit Printer (Roll to Roll Transfer, Rubber + Ceramic Roller, IR Dryer device) 4 units Chambered Doctor Blade 2 units Slotting Unit (Pre-creasing, Creasing, Slotting) 1 unit Die-cutting Unit 1 unit Inline Folder Gluer & Counter Ejector 1 unit 003 CLC-AFGS2600 AUTOMATIC FOLDER GLUER STITCHER 1 SET 004 MS-TRC-125 AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINE FOR CLC-Q2-1224-4SDF CLC-KTL0920 Rotary Slotter 1 SET 1SET CLC-FZ2500 Slitter Scorer KMF02-3145 Flexible Plate Making Machine 1120mm×800 mm CNC Cutting Machine RZCRT5-1813E 1800mm*1300mm 1SET 1SET 1SET Waiting your reply A.S.A.P. Best regards, 100m St., next to JOUHAYNA Centre, NORTH BASE Building Erbil - Iraq

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2017-11-08 20:13:28
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Dear Sirs, We are interested to import the following Machinery for corrugated carton plant: Mill Roll Stand Machine—Hydraulic system Single Facer Corrugated Machine –Boiler System Rotary Cutter Machine – Display system Glue Machine( Pasting Machine)-2600mm Pressing machine –68" X 90" Slitter Scorer Machine(Creasing M/C)—2600 mm Rotary Slitter Machine Air Compressor So, we request you to please send us your best price CFR Chittagong, Bangladesh in USD. Your offer should cover: 1. Installation and commissioning 2. Spares and after sales service 3. Customer list@ Bangladesh, if any. Warm regards, Zubair Ahmed

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2017-07-28 22:00:10
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