INquiry about replica Gianmarco Lorenzi white sandal

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INquiry about replica Gianmarco Lorenzi white sandal
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  • 2019-05-25 08:10:01
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INquiry about replica Gianmarco Lorenzi white sandal2019-05-25 08:10:01
Hello  My name is Rafael and I'm from Brazil and I'd like to know if you can send (ship) one of this gianmarco lorenzi white sandal number 8,5 (united states) / 39 (europe) to me.I usually buy things from china using alibaba or wish and its ok.I'd like to know the price and how to pay with my credit card (maybe you have a e-commerce link).To make sure, Please answer me both email and what app Thanks a lot你好 我的名字是Rafael,我来自巴西,我想知道你是否可以向我发送(运送)这款gianmarco lorenzi白色凉鞋8,5(美国)/ 39(欧洲)之一。 我经常使用阿里巴巴从中国购买东西,或者希望它可以。 我想知道价格以及如何使用我的信用卡付款(也许您有电子商务链接)。 为了确保,请回复我的电子邮件和应用程序 非常感谢
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