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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-05-25 22:51:42
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. Интересуют запчасти двигателей Cummins для автобусов Yutong.

Russian Federation
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2023-05-25 20:23:37
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Looking for quotation for various cables size. I can send the list via whatsapp if possible

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2023-05-24 16:20:02
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IP : 41.175.70.**
2023-05-24 16:10:02
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For Clamp Part Number 5269284 And what is the material it is made of? And what is the minimum order quantity?

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2023-05-23 00:38:04
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Hello I need motorcycle tyres

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2023-05-18 23:32:35
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-05-17 01:34:44
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Hi, We are interested in your wood dust/chips products and would like to have some information about the same. Please revert us back through email as it will be a business purchase. Thank You

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2023-05-16 15:17:17
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Hi! My name is David and I am in seach of a supplier to make high quality tether cables for photography. Preferably in long length: 31ft +, USB-C Please share with me if this is an item your company can manufacture and customize. Thank you, - David

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2023-05-16 11:13:37
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Какой у вас минимальный заказ? количество заказа?

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2023-05-15 02:15:32
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My company is CHROMA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS in West Africa Ghana. We are a digital printing company, we also have a wholesale and retail division for print materials. We would like to purchase thermal laminating films and sleeking foils from your company. I would appreciate it if you could share your product catalogue with me and also if possible send us some samples of your products. My name is KWAME, you can also reach me on whatsapp

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2023-05-09 13:58:34
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Hi, We need price for ucfl 205 bed bearing Quantity 1000 pieces

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2023-05-05 19:57:17
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-05-03 20:15:26
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My name is Inna. I act on behalf Konica Minolta in Russia. My question is, is that possible to buy  Konica Minolta spare parts to Russia from your company?

Russian Federation
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2023-04-24 18:47:17
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. Hi my name is Roy Morici and I am from NY Electric Co. We are a generator parts distributor and I am looking to purchase 3/4" fuel flex lines that are used to connect a generator. The line has 3/4" connections on both ends and the overall length of this item is 14 1/2" from end to end. I would like to know how I can purchase these from your company since you are the manufacture for this item.

United States
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2023-04-20 21:56:37
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Hello, I'm Dorra from MECAOFFSET company in France and CONSEIL GRAPHIQUE in Morocco. I would like to talk with you about some machines ? 

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2023-04-20 20:14:43
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-04-17 18:55:23
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Dear Sir, We are pleased to inform you that we are preparing to participate in the KOC tender for the supply of Fasteners for 4 years, please confirm your interest to work with us and send us your contact detail to send the tender documents. Thanks and Regards, Mohsin F. Marashah Admin. Manager Safina Al Najjat Company WhatsApp

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2023-04-15 19:08:52
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we are interesting your coconut charcal,month order ,200ton

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2023-04-12 16:07:40
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. Hi, may I know do you able to quote for Stainless Steel fitting flanges? If yes, kindly send us an email then we will send you the item list. Thanks.

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2023-04-12 11:13:08
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Hello i want to know if you have display + touch model nl2432hc22-41b

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2023-04-05 12:21:40
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Hi my friend I bought you some trucks years ago I need engines for those trucks now. Please do you have this motor ?

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2023-04-04 22:06:06
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Hello sir INDSUTREL, Moroccan society deployed in the region since 2012, specializes in the import and marketing of industrial electrical products and tools, we are very interested in your products, we want to work with you. Can you send us your catalogs? Best Wishes Miss Imane Ben zahra import manager

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2023-04-03 22:24:05
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. 

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2023-03-24 16:00:31
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