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Inquiry about carbon black
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  • 2017-02-18 00:35:48
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Inquiry about carbon black2017-02-18 00:35:48
I have client looking for specs below for Carbon Black. The grade would be determined based on the specs provided below. Additionally, the packaging would be in bulk (dry container).

Commodity : Carbon Black in bulk
             QUANTITY : 65,000 MT +/- 5% 
             SHIPMENT : Every 30 – 40 days
             Specifications :
             CHARACTERISTICS                       APPARATUS    TEST METHOD                             CBFS-FCC
             API Gravity @ 60 Degree F                                                            ASTM D-287                       max              -3.0
             Sulfur                                          Elemental (CHNS) Analyser     ASTM D-4294           wt % max              3.5
             Viscosity @99 Deg. C (SUS)       Saybolt Viscometer                   ASTM D-445             SUS max               120
            Effective BMCI ( Gross BMCI-
             2.56*(Wt% of Sulfur + 1)                                                                Calculation                      min                125
             Water & Sediment                             Dean & Stark                      ASTM D-95                wt % max           0.25
             Ash                                                         Maffle Furnace                  ASTM D-482             wt % max           0.05
             Toulene Insoluble                              Chemical Test                     ASTM D-4312            wt % max          0.10
            Asphaltenes                                                                                          IP 143                        wt % max          6.0
             n-Pentane Insolubles                         Chemical Test                     ASTM D-893              wt % max          6.0
            Flash Point                       Pensky-Martens closed cup tester      ASTM D-93A              deg. C min         95
             Pour Point                                                                                            ASTM D-97              deg. C max        24
             Sodium                                               Flame photometer                ASTM D-5863 AM     ppm max          10
             Potassium                                      Flame photometer                     ASTM D-5863 AM     ppm max            2
             Vanadium                                            Ext. Laboratory                 ASTM D-5863 A       ppm max           10
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