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  • Chlorate
  • ammonium perchlorate factory dalian china,7790-98-9 nh4cio4,perchlorate salts ammonium perchlorate
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2023-09-25 12:26:53
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Would you send me a product sample before I place an order? Cost per Kg? Including shipping to UK?

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2023-09-25 06:58:24
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me I am looking for container or isotainer pricing on Aldicarb 98%.  Your information was given to us by another supplier.  Not sure the exact annual volume but certainly full containers. Mike Junkins Weylchem US

United States
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2023-09-25 02:24:36
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  • Chlorate
  • High Purity 99.5%min Chlorate of Potash/KClO3 Selling
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2023-09-23 18:00:02
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હું ઓર્ડર આપું તે પહેલાં શું તમે મને ઉત્પાદનનો નમૂનો મોકલશો?

  • Chlorate
  • raw material potassium chlorate kclo3 price/ kclo3 potassium chlorate used for fertilizer
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2023-09-23 17:50:38
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Our company is Veekay Industries PVT Ltd India
Manufacturing of water base adhesives and hot melt adhesive and UV coatings
We need PVA for water base adhesives
Could you share your product catalogue.

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2023-09-23 13:30:03
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Need poly vinyl alcohol
Polyvinyl alcoholDifferent grades

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2023-09-23 13:30:02
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Hello, I represent a french company specialized in fireworks and i wanted to know your pricelist about potassium perchlorate. What size do you have and do you make discount on quantities? What is your minimum to order? Thanks PL

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2023-09-23 06:13:40
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  • Compound Fertilizer
  • Factory Price Compound Fertilizer NPK names of fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 used in agriculture
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2023-09-23 03:13:24
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Hello, how are you? Look, we want one of this photo. How can I get it? I live in Spain.

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2023-09-23 02:51:51
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PVA 15-99 technical specification

Russian Federation
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2023-09-22 22:50:48
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Hi! I’m interested in Polypropylene, 10 tons. Do you have it?

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  • Hebei dianqi import and export trading co., LTD
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2023-09-22 20:26:12
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  • N-Ethylhexedrone α-ethylaminocaprophenone N-ethylnorhexedrone hexen NEH Cas:18410-62-3 sky-chemicallab@hotmail.com
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2023-09-22 19:44:56
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

South Africa
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2023-09-22 18:05:55
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We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity?

  • Coating&Paint
  • JCK-9060A Manual sandblasting machine
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2023-09-22 08:45:25
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Please i want to know more about Norflurane in tank 1000 Kg
Document certificat price our forcast is 20-30 Tank per year

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2023-09-22 05:10:04
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 We need price quotation to the product ZC 185 GR Kindly provide us your options and prices. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

  • Oxide
  • Fujian Zhengsheng Inorganic Material Co., Ltd.
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2023-09-22 01:58:14
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

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2023-09-22 01:37:45
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Hi i am Hanif from momal associates Karachi Pakistan I want to import c5 and C9 requested to kindly offer your best cnf price at Karachi Pakistan Hanif 

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2023-09-22 00:41:16
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Looking for California Scents

  • Coating&Paint
  • Tianyuan Yichang Aerosol Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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2023-09-21 23:57:49
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  • Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Lycra Protectant for jeans wash, Spandex elastic protector on denim washing, separate lycra protector
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2023-09-21 15:30:13
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Do you offer Aldicarb 98% TC? Can you give pricing for full containers, 6 to 8 per year.  We are working on a customer project.

United States
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2023-09-21 03:11:22
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Wanting a supplier of oxycodone powder or similar product.
Buying large amounts of oxycodone powder or similar product

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2023-09-21 02:30:03
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Dear Sir/Madam :Kindly please give us your best price for Amyl xanthate(potassium )QTY 130 Tons Option 1 CIF Tajikistan or Karachi:Option 2 Ex-Work ChinaYour early replay will be highly appreciated .Regards

  • Chemical Reagents
  • Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX) 90%min Powder or Pellet
United Kingdom
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2023-09-21 01:14:12
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