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Inquiry About Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co., LTD
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  • 2021-10-12 13:58:06
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Inquiry About Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co., LTD2021-10-12 13:58:06
We are trading company in Japan.
Our main business is fiber and nonwoven sales.
This time we would like to introduce Flame Retardant Viscose from Japanese manufacturer.

1.	Manufacturer information
Company name                Daiwabo Rayon Co., Ltd.
Location                            Japan
Product                             Viscose Rayon fiber (Staple, shortcut etc.)
Application                       Nonwoven, Textile, etc.
Please find below company information.

2.	Product we hope to present
As you are special fabric manufacturer, we would like to present FR viscose

After click above, please find below title.
◆“Flame-retardant viscose rayon”

There are 2 types of FR viscose rayon.
This is Flame retardant viscose, applied for U.S.A mattress standard CFR1633.

b)	DFG
This product can be flame barrier by carbonization.

*Fiber dtex and cut length can be arranged according to your requirement.

Can we ask if any Flame Retardant Viscose fiber business possibility?

Kind regards,
Matsushita Hiroyuki / MR
Global Fiber Sales Department
Add.      : 20-21, Edobori 1-Chome, Nishiku, Osaka, Japan
Post Code : 550-0002
Tel.       : +81-6-6443-4461
Fax.       : +81-6-6443-4468
MB.       : +81-90-9707-4759
URL       : 
Email      :
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