Decorative Printed Papers manufacuturer : Tokyo Color Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.(TOC) , Japan

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Decorative Printed Papers manufacuturer : Tokyo Color Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.(TOC) , Japan
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  • 2017-01-27 15:13:28
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  • Tokyo Color Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Decorative Printed Papers manufacuturer : Tokyo Color Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.(TOC) , Japan2017-01-27 15:13:28
Dear Sirs, 

Good day. Awfully sorry for mailing abruptly like this.


We are manufacturer of decorative printed papers used in furniture and building industry

with Various kinds of design printing, resin coating, edge band cutting and laminating.

Our company is named Tokyo Color Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.(TOC) from Japan.

And we are here to promote our products to you.


Could you please transfer this mail to Purchasing Department Manager?


If you use wood grain patterns or plain colors of thin papers to be laminated with MDF or Particle Board

to make furnitures or other products, We would really like to introduce our high quality

printed and coated papers to you. 


Products ranges from Stadard coat, high gloss finish, Natural touch finish, Gloss mat emboss, Chemical deep

emboss called PEP we devised the technology, High abrasion resistence finish, edgebandings etc.

We have the long oven which make it possible to do thick coatings and overglazing.

→ see the attached file “TOC Introduction”


We have various kinds of wood grain patterns and plain colors

Here’s just a few patterns → see the attached file “Sample Paper No.1” or “Sample Paper No.2”

As for the colors, we can make almost any colors. 


Applications are bookshelf, wardrobe, TV cabinet, shoe cupboard, wall panel, kitchen, desk etc.

→ see the attached file “Applications”


This is only for the glimpse of our products.

So if you are interested in our products, I’ ll send the real sample

so that you could see and touch.

Could you please mail me back with the address and the addressee?


Thank you for your cooperations.


Finally If possible, could you please answer these questions just for our references?

1  What material is your company using?(Solid wood, MDF, Particle Board, panel(paper, PVC, melamine) 

2  If you use lamination board, what is the surface and substrate? (PU papers, high Pressure Laminate, low pressure laminate, PVC or etc)

    substrate(MDF,Particle Board, plywood etc)

3  If you use decor papers, what kind? (Gloss mat emboss, convex emboss or plain  coatings materials pre-coating or post-coatings)

4  How much square feet do you usually use per month?

5  Factory equipment do you have machinery such as roll laminator, hot press machine, edge bander machine?

6  Adhesive you use(PVAC, HOT MELT, RUBBER BASE etc)

Sincerely yours


International Sales Division
306-0206 JAPAN
TEL +81-280-98-2430 FAX +81-280-98-4001
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