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Requirement of FR grade Rigid PVC compound, 80-85 Shore A

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2022-08-09 15:07:37
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Hello Dear I am Mr Abdul Gani from Africa. I inquiry about plumbing stainless steel corrugated hose for water

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2022-08-05 23:23:49
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We are a manufacturer of testers in the USA looking for test cordsets.  Usually black and red with insulated alligator clips.  We would be interested in receiveing a quote for 2500 and 5000 sets. Thanks Bruce Nelson

United States
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2022-07-21 02:44:53
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2022-05-28 13:40:02
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DN12(1/2\")FM Flexible Metal Water Hose

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2022-05-18 23:55:05
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DN12(12\") Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose Can I get information about your company and the corrugated hose ??

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2022-05-18 23:53:21
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

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2022-05-16 19:47:54
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. 

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2022-05-14 18:59:01
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Dear Sirs, Our company is engaged in the production of food products and at the moment we are looking for an alternative supplier of food modified corn and potato starches in both cold and hot swollen. Could you send us samples for any kind that you have in stock at the moment or can be delivered later. Please provide a direct mail address to send the specifications of the starches we use. With best regards, Vladimir.

Russian Federation
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2022-05-05 21:30:20
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Please send me a catalogue & prices of ammonium bicarbonate 1*FCL

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2022-03-17 15:27:19
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Hello Dear I am Mr Abdoul Gani from Africa. I inquiry about stainless steel corrugated hose for water, used in plumbing, faucets connecting

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2022-03-17 00:45:41
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I need to buy one 20 foot container of elec hair clippers.i used to buy from you before with the lucky brand and would like to continue the business. Do you still manufacture this elec clipper as it was very good seller in my country.if yu need i can send yu the model no of this clipper for yu.Thanks Roy Sheldon marketing manager South Africa

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2022-02-11 03:32:01
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Hello dear can I have WhatsApp contact number

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2021-11-27 03:39:39
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Hi ,our company is international purchasing company and we supply more than 300 stores in France, and we work more than 70.000 supplier from ASIA. we are OVERSTOCK GLOBAL SOLUTION and we are looking for UNSOLD ITEMS like cancalled order, overproduction, leftover, bloked container ... so do you have UNSOLD products that you want to sell with discount price ?

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2021-11-18 22:54:53
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Hello, I am looking to obtain/verify the latest Safety Data Sheet on behalf of a mutual client, Howe Sound Pulp and Paper, for the following product: Product Name: Cenwise PL-1 (Tetrasulphonated OBA) We have an SDS with a revision date of: 10/22/2014 We could not locate the SDS on your website. Could you please confirm if this is the latest version of SDS for this product? Howe Sound Pulp and Paper would prefer a WHMIS compliant SDS if available. If not, we gladly accept the regulatory format your SDS’s come in. Please feel free to contact us if you require additional information. Thank you for your time. Regards, Nathanial Boronka

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2021-09-18 05:26:26
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Hello, I am with Zspec Flow Control located in Houston, Texas, USA I am interested in sucker rod couplings and pony rods with the API monogram. I will look forward to getting info from you. Thanks, Les

United States
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2021-09-10 03:35:52
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me 7003973805 somnath@humblehydrogen.com

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2021-08-20 14:49:05
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2021-08-05 21:32:53
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I would need some samples.I will pay for them.Please contact me.

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2021-08-05 16:38:00
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We will buy CNG Cylinders nad MEGC trailer. Please contuct with me.

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2021-08-02 21:20:50
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Dear Sir Greetings!! Kindly provide quotation for RS-1800 Auto Chart Projector. Also provide the below information & documents: (1) Manufacturer Name (2) Country of Origin (3) Quality Certificates (ISO, CE/FDA) (4) Catalogue and technical datasheet (5) Approximate Freight Charges (for Delhi Air Port) Thanks & regards Hanshu Dexa Care Pvt. Ltd. B-1/D-1, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, New Delhi 110044 (India) Mob.: +917290080471 E.mail: tender@dexacare.com Web: www.dexacare.com

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2021-06-15 19:51:30
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YMail! 12:24 PM (22 minutes ago) to steven Dear General Manager, My Russian client has need to purchase the following equipment below: The equipment price should be CIF Port of Arkhangelsk, Russia! For urgent factory construction project in Russia, following equipment is required: 1. Mobile cement mixer 7 cbm capacity, heated cylinder for deep north, Siberia region - 40 C, all wheels drive truck. Qtty - 1 unit; 2. Mobile front load forklift, 5 mt of load capacity. The manufacturers are XCMG, Zoomlion, Shantui, China. Qtty - 1 unit; 3. Mobile front load fork lift of 3 mt load capacity. XCMG, Zoomlion, Shantui, China. Qtty - 1 unit; 4. Mobile crawler cement pump, equipped with ramp for cement flow direction, type - Sifa, China. To be equipped with a hose length 100 m in length of cement horizontal distribution. Qtty - 1 unit; 5. Fire fighting track, average cylinder capacity, crew - 4 pers capacity, all wheels drive. Qtty - 1 unit; 6. Water supply track, all wheels drive. Qtty - 1 unit; 7. Mobile crane of 50 mt load capacity - 2 units; 8. Mobile crane of 100 mt load capacity, type - Zoomlion or analogy. Qtty - 1 unit; 9. Mobile crawler crane of 100 mt load capacity. Qtty - 1 unit; All above equipment / units must be suitable for very low temperature conditions and bad weather like in Siberia, Russia. Buyer is fully ready to make pre-payment to the manufacturer/owners of new or used equipment! Additionally, ask the manufacturer for a suggested list of spare parts under the harsh conditions and also give a price on a 3-month maintenance kit for each equipment. Please advise ASAP, Euris Carmichael

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2021-06-15 13:51:41
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We´re looking for pvc table cloth. I´ll be waiting for your quickly reply.

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2021-06-09 21:50:53
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. We are interested in your Carrot Flakes and would like to request more information.

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2021-06-01 13:49:04
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