Inquiry About Haining Babysun Solar Industry Co., Ltd.

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Inquiry About Haining Babysun Solar Industry Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-04-06 22:07:44
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Inquiry About Haining Babysun Solar Industry Co., Ltd.2019-04-06 22:07:44
Vorrei AVERE IN TELE VENDITA TV i tuoi prodotti. Vi prego di contattarmi 

We are willing to find a new and important relationship with your company that can develop
interesting successes, both economic and visibility, initially for the Italy region
In the future, for all regions of the world.
The TELEVENDITA system, now tested for over thirty years, has increased the
Production of small and large companies, from 30 to 200%.
All this is certainly not automatic, but depends on various factors.
First: the quality of the product, Second: the ability of the character or team of characters,
Third: the television production project.
 Create images, texts, able to make your structure the basis of every guarantee that the customer expects.
Proposal for an agreement (CONTRACT) that can be implemented as described.
Given that your company is capable of producing highly efficient equipment,
And to look at the future, always proposing the best of technology, (RESEARCH)
Our organization, always expert in creating entire TV channels
Programs from ideas, to scenery, to production.
Always aiming for the latest technologies that the market made available
Following the international fairs to learn about the latest news.
To be able to realize this wonderful adventure, it is necessary, first of all to believe
Invest each of us for our skills.
Our skills are: Clearance of goods, Logistics / storage / personnel, warehouse,
create a national network of installers, qualified, staff training.
With senter for order receipt, TV channel purchase, production, part at
Your factory and the rest indirectly.
A) - Do you agree to enter into a contract for a one-year test period?
To then transfer it to the final?
B) - Do you agree if payments are made on the sales for the test period?
We will take care of the rest.
In the next communication we will talk about essential documentation
To obtain the authorizations in Italy.
All the inquiries are for public

Our inquiries come from a buyer who has purchased a buyer service.

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