Offer for Cooperation 070419

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Offer for Cooperation 070419
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  • 2019-04-08 01:44:25
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Offer for Cooperation 0704192019-04-08 01:44:25
Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Petar, and with this email I would like to inform you about my two innovative solutions that may be interest to your company, and it is about the next:
1.	New Adaptable Mechanical Couplers, and
2.	New Hook Mechanism
Both of the solutions are primarily intended for use on display shelves for horizontal exposition, with integrated locking mechanisms which are used to prevent against of unauthorized picking up of exposed eyeglasses.
Also, I want to point out that the both of these solutions are innovative and unique, and both of them are in the process of patent recognition (A47F 7/024 - Signification by International Patent Classification).
Since I’m not able to organize a quality production and commercialization of products based on my inventions, at least not in the quality and quantities that could satisfy needs of the EU market and wider, therefore I decided to look for the most favorable business partner or someone who would, under certain circumstances bought the copyrights for this my inventions.
If you are interested in that, then please send me feedback information as the name and email contact of the person which is relevant to such arrangements.
Also, in case you are interested, then I can send to you a more detailed description and short video on which are presented some of the possible uses of the inventions.
Many Thanks in advance for soon reply.
Best Regards
Petar Anic-Kaliger
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