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Inquiry About Hubei Xinmeixiang Foods Co., Ltd.
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  • 2020-02-03 21:00:11
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Inquiry About Hubei Xinmeixiang Foods Co., Ltd.2020-02-03 21:00:11
Dear Sirs,

may I introduce myself on behalf of the company where I work. I am Bernadett Bognár, the purchasing manager of Lolo Snack Ltd. which started its operation last year. Our products appeared in many shops of more than one chainstores for the first time in last October and it’s becoming more and more popular while chatching the attention of many segments of people at same time.
Actually our Lolo Snaps are friuts and vegetables treated with microwaves in vacuum. During our procedure, we only distract water so the content of the vitamins and fibres doesn’t change, only getting concentrated. Finally our products are wrapped in a modified athmosphere. The design and uniqueness of the package have been caught attention of many.

We would really wish our products to be made of the possibly best raw materials so exploring the market of suppliers if definetely our target. We kindly ask for your best offer for the products listed below in as good quality as it’s possible so our product can be the best as well. 

The parameters of the required goods:
•	We use pre-dried fruits and vegetables as raw materials.
•	We require the package to be 5 kg in vacuum atmosphere. 
•	Quality certificates, product specification is required.
•	We are also looking for organic raw materials.
•	Moisture content is required to be between 15% and 25%.

The required fruits are the following:

Fruits	Quantity/year	Conditions
Ananas	10 000 kg	washed, sliced for 8 pieces
Apple	5 000 kg	washed, stoned, cut at 7mm-thick quarters
Grape	5.000 kg	washed, larger grain grapes, sugar content approx. 60%
Mango	7.000 kg	washed, sliced for 40x40 mm pieces
Sour cherry	5.000 kg	washed, stoned, from bigger, improved type of sour cherry

The required vegetables are the following:

Fruits	Quantity/year	Conditions
Beetroot	3.000 kg	washed, peeled, blanched, diameter: 40mm, thickness: 4-5mm
Carrot	3.000 kg	washed, peeled, blanched, diameter: 40mm, thickness: 4-5mm
Tomato	3.000 kg	washed, sliced

The required quantities have been calculated on the basic of the used amount of the goods since last September so this amount could change as the sale of Lolo Snaps increase.

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss this matter further. Thank you in advance for your early reply.
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