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Inquiry about Shandong Bingo Truck And Parts Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-11-05 21:35:23
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Inquiry about Shandong Bingo Truck And Parts Co., Ltd.2019-11-05 21:35:23
Dear Sirs, 
Can you tell me if you have the following parts in stock? These are for new Sinotruk model although some parts such as steering rods are additional extras that are not there originally.
Front axle bracket both sides WG9425520003	 WG942552003  /2
special front spring bracket standard hole WG9416520055	 WG9416520055  /2
WG9131430013	 WG 9131430013  /2
STEERING BOX ZF 98582	W9925477132/1
Front Engine mounting	752W96210-0050
Steering Track Rod	752-46611-0240
Front Brake Shoe	QAD17-1131730080211-34   160710
Diff Brake Shoe	QT435D4-QRT-N11 G-40-F 160701
Front Brake Linings	
TRACK ROD D	752-46611-0250
TRACK ROD A	WG4005495501  /1   (*Y11*6070611*176)
752W96210-0040	Rubber bearing behind the engine
752W96210-0060/1	supply Haowo T5G engine rear support
WG9416520112/1	right front spring pressure plate WG9416520112
WG4005362001	Front brake booster
WG9731681031	Front shocks
WG4905455507	Brake booster bracket
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