INQUIRY about 2017 Adults Three Wheels Bike / Three Wheels Bicycle For Elderly

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INQUIRY about 2017 Adults Three Wheels Bike / Three Wheels Bicycle For Elderly
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  • 2019-03-19 01:19:48
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INQUIRY about 2017 Adults Three Wheels Bike / Three Wheels Bicycle For Elderly2019-03-19 01:19:48
I'm interested in your product,if you could send me more data I appreiciate this.
Am just trying to find out the cheapest deal.
Because this is for charity in west africa gambia.
this is the porest land of all africa.
there is a man that walks 60km a day from brekama to rainbow lodges were he has art shop.
this man has polio.
He walks whit sticks i dont now how long.
But he sure this kind of bike.
He can not afort this kind of trike whit 500 dalasie the month.
100 euro is 5000 dalasie  so that is 50 cent a month.
Food he gets from the rainbow lodges who let poor people eat for free.
I wonder if there people out there who can help.
because money aid to poor countrys comes not always on the right spot.
Direct help to people is more helpfull meaning.
Because people see whit there own eyes where there tax money is going to.
I reelly hope you find kindness in your hart to give one freelly or massive reduce price.
Myself am just back 4 march from africa.
you and i are ritch so to speaking compaires to them sleeping on the shores.
Aim living from social welfare chronicle deseases.
So i dont have have mutch money either just looking for somebody who really whants to help out.
and feel good about it.
What would you ask for price is the qeustion knowing its for africa adres.
would you make provid on poor peoples or would you say oke am willing to help out and recieve happy face faces from africa.
all will be given by post and picture that comes from Gambia africa.
Humanity is so fragile
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