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  • EverExceed Germany Technology Submarine gel Battery with Battery Monitoring System Design
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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we need this manual to order spare parts

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  • 10A High Quality Newly Designed Industrial Electric Plug Socket
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Dear Sirs, I am interested in the distribution of the PVC steel straps with clamps ( turnbuckles) for ship's cables. Before I did this for many years for GK GmbH Germany. Are ZHEJIANG JINGHONG ELECTRIC ready to cooperate with me in Poland if there is no distributor in Poland. Pls let me know. Awaiting your reply Kind Regards....Marek Sek/ Gdansk/ Poland @ m.sek@wp.pl jmk5509@wp.pl tel. +48 501 501 944

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  • Zhejiang Jinghong Electric Co., Ltd.
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!hi,i interesting for your 18 kw chp,,more detiales , price for unit, technical data, engiine, generator, control cabinet...best regards;mario

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Please, we need a quotation of a part You already produced for us. Please, make a short reply. I try to get in eMail contact -- unfortunately with little luck.

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  • Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co., Ltd.
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  • Huawei VAPEL EPW30B-48A 48V30A Rectifier modules DC power Rectifier Converter
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Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time.

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crane pushbuttons transfer rotary switches otherwe are a wholesale company that sells to businesses

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  • electrical universal transfer rotary switch/changeover switch/cam switch LW130
United States
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2019-10-22 23:19:12
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  • rechargeable replacement battery for FORBATT FB 1223 12V 2300mAh rechargeable battery , FB 1223 battery for Mindray PM8000
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2019-10-22 22:09:34
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ReNew Power is the largest renewable energy IPP in India in terms of total energy generation capacity. Since commencing operations with a 25.2 MW wind project, the company has grown exponentially, and has a current renewable asset base of over 7 GW, of which more than 4 GW is operational. For solar power we currently have a 1.6 GW base built in the last 4 years and have a vision to grow this to 5 GW base by 2022. We are looking for opportunity in implementation of new design ideas in Transmission Line evacuation part on & above 220kV. We are looking for possibility to use Monopole towers for 220kV lines and for the next year 2020 we have 220kV lines of up to 40-50 km in Rajasthan & Gujarat states. As you have the expertise in Monopole towers, we would like you to give your inputs on our below queries. 1. What are the different design / types of Monopole towers? (Same way like we have Type-A, B, C & D towers depending on deviation angles.) 2. What is the approximate weight of each tower? 3. What is the material and its manufacturing process? 4. How is its transportation is done; is it done in 40 feet containers or directly loaded on trucks? If transported in containers then how many containers required for one tower? 5. What is the approximate cost per tower? 6. What are the advantages and limitations of Monopoles compared to conventional lattice towers? 7. What are the important points to be considered while foundation construction and erections of tower? 8. What are the risks involved in using monopole for 220kV & above lines, if any? Requesting you to revert at the earliest as we are planning to have a visit to you in next month. Your immediate revert will be highly appreciated. Regards, Gaurav Rajoria

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hi i need 5000 of barrier terminal block. i will attach drawing and pictures of this product. my phone : 989216643518my what's app : 989216643518my email : m.heydari12@yahoo.comthank's a lot

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  • Gold Plated Brass Speaker Terminal Block KT4 300V 30A 11mm Pitch
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2019-10-22 20:41:17
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!hi i need barrier terminal block 3 pol and 4 pol
i have what's app in my phone please contact to me

  • Connectors
  • Gold Plated Brass Speaker Terminal Block KT4 300V 30A 11mm Pitch
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  • M10-QD302 dual output dc power supply / linear regulated power supply/digital power supply/adjustable dc power supply dual
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Good evening I found your address from tradekey.com. I am agent of "Al-Rasa" LLC in Uzbekistan. Our company exports talc powders and talc stones. I will give you our product details: 1. Mass fraction of silicon oxide (SiO2): 56,98% 2. Mass fraction of magnesium oxide (MgO): 29.67% 3. Mass fraction of calcium oxide (CaO): 3.97% 4. Mass fraction of iron oxide in terms of Fe2O3: 0.38% 5. Mass fraction of titanium oxide (TiO2): 0.09% 6. Mass fraction of alumina (Al2O3): 3.97% 7. Mass fraction of chlore ion: 0.08% 8. Loss of mass during calcination: 1.88% 9. White (reflection coefficient): 100% 10. The moisture content: 0.05% 11. The concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) of an aqueous suspension: 8.7% 12. Bulk density, kg / m3 455 If you are interested in our product, can you send me messages

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  • Qingdao New Continent Minerals (Group) Co., Ltd.
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I interested in product AVR model SVC-N 1000VA-10000Va May I know contact Sako : weChat ,E-mail

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Hi sales, do you carry stainless steel 316 with ASTM F899 standard? we need the rod and flat bar size Please contact me through email thank you

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  • Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Trading Co., Ltd
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hi, I'm Thida from Cambodia. I need 999 Sannine. Please contact me by Wechat : 85516616109 Email: channthidanov@yahoo.com Thanks, Thida

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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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Hello, I have found some interesting products on your website and would like to get additional information about them if possible. I', an intern and KTM AG, an Austrian Company producing motorcycles. The products I’m interested in are the following: -https://detail.en.china.cn/provide/p106227351.html I would like to ask you if it’s possible to get one or two samples of each of them for testing by ourselves. We need to test the devices by ourselves in an real world application to see if it's possible fur use to use them in some of our vehicles. Greetings, MARIO STEINEL

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Please send me more about the product price.

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Dear sr, please send me actual catalog in english. with best regardsFernando

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Good day, i would like to request a quote for Module F8627X

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I would like to adquire 18.000 pais of cow split leather reinforcement in palm

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  • Guangzhou 247 International Trading Co., Ltd.
United States
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