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dental unit--where I can see information ? Boriss Cibis. Latvia.

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2022-07-29 15:14:18
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Bmi rechner versicherung .

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2022-07-13 05:59:47
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I am interested in Helicobacter Pylori test (breath test )

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2022-06-17 19:46:40
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Hi, I'm from Azerbaijan, Baku. We are interested in Urea Breath Test Kits for H.Pylori. Please write an email with price for 15 boxes and HS code.

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2022-06-16 16:20:33
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Hello , Good evening.  I would like to obtain information for purchasing the breathing test device for the detection of h.  pylori.  I'm Brazilian, a doctor and I work in Rio de Janeiro.  I know that in São Paulo and Santa Catarina they already do this exam but here in Rio de Janeiro they still don't. Att Ana Lúcia Maia da silva Tel

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2022-06-01 06:11:19
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Please provide me with more product details.

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2022-05-24 07:00:26
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Hello, We plan to purchase your device (1 pcs.) - HCBT-02 Please provide the following information: - Is this device available for sale? - What is the production time? - Delivery terms (EXW/DDP to Russia). - Device price. - If you have a distributor in Russia - give his contact. - Availability and pricing of consumables, if available. - Please provide a detailed description of the possibilities of interaction with the device via the external interface (API). - Technical data (User manual, Dimensions, 3D-models).

Russian Federation
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2022-05-11 18:19:45
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. helicobacter catlogue prices

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2022-05-10 11:58:20
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Hello dear colleagues. Hope you are well. First of all please let me introduce myself My name is Dr. Zaur Velimetov, I am Product Manager of "Ascent"LLC, local representative company of medical diagnostics precision equipment, labware, reagents and consumables. We are working with such companies as Becton Dickinson, Erba Mannheim and Erba Lachema and others. Right now we are seeking for honest, reliable, and certified manufacturers of medical diagnostics precision reagents and consumables. Please write to us and inform us about all possible terms of cooperation. Thanks in advance, and best regards, Zaur Velimetov.

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2022-04-27 20:19:23
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I would like to purchase your products. Please send me the e-mail address of the person in charge for direct contact. Waiting for your reply. Best regards Isilda Oliveira

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2022-04-05 01:29:57
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-03-17 18:28:36
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. We would like to know if you are in the area of syringe assembly? Thank you very much for a short information! Best regards Denise Hurch Project Manager company ENGEL Thailand Machinery

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2022-03-10 17:06:43
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2022-02-18 01:47:09
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Please provide me with more product details. Please send me more about the product price for HCBT-02 & HCBT-01. Also I would like to know do you have any distributor in KSA?

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2022-02-13 05:07:08
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hello I will Taking about Medical instrument . My company Name is Umarky Impex. My Email 7577120@gmail.com

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2022-02-11 23:06:56
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hello I will Taking about Medical instrument . My company Name is Umarky Impex

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2022-02-11 22:59:59
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Hi! I am from Argentina,I bought a HUBT 20 urea breath TEST equipment in 2018 (Debbie Xion Was the seller, I cant make contact with she. Can you please send me a price for C14 urea breath kit for that equipment? Thanks for your time. WhasAPP: +5492974290727

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2022-02-02 07:31:02
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For Education purposes

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2022-01-27 23:33:14
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I send a letter for quotation, I'd made a mistake. I'm asking for c14 detector and Sets. Thanks

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2022-01-05 02:26:28
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To whom it may concern I'm engineer Ivan Arancibia from Bolivia, I worked for many years with Headway with C13. I need to restart my project in Bolivia. Please send me a quotation of C13 detector and a SET of tests. Thanks.

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2022-01-05 02:24:30
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Dear Sirs, Hope you are doing fine, This is Dr/Radwa Gamal from United Company for Biological Industries Ltd., (BIO-EGYPT), and i will be responsible for our business cooperation. We are very keen to deal with your respectable company but first of all, please allow me to introduce our company, Bio Egypt is a leading experienced healthcare distributor/manufacturer in the Egyptian medical device and life science domains since 2007. We are local partners to leading multi-national corporations for commercializing and distributing their diversified portfolio of products addressing the unmet needs in our society including branded pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Bio Egypt maintains strong professional relationships with local customers (Hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical institutions, clinics, physicians and patients) and with the Ministry of Health's regulatory board to ensure that all local requirements and regulatory affairs are marketed in a timely manner with the highest standards of quality, professionalism and service. Bio Egypt is committed to its partners, and have strategic approach and financial stability to support long term investments and partnerships. we are interested in your Helicobacter Pylori Test and Helicobacter Pylori Analyzer Please send the certificates that your products hold (FDA , CE, FSC), Prices and clinical studies available Looking forward for future fruitful win win co-operation.

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2021-12-22 17:41:34
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Hello there! We are interesting in such goods. Do you have such analogs, or could you produce them? Hand Skeleton Model with Ligaments & Muscles - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/hand-skeleton-model-with-ligaments-muscles-3b-smart-anatomy-1000358-m331-3b-scientific,p_35_14411.html?searchinput=1000358&searchword=1000358 Human Female Pelvis Skeleton Model with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor Muscles & Organs, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-female-pelvis-skeleton-model-with-ligaments-vessels-nerves-pelvic-floor-muscles-organs-6-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000288-h204-3b-scientific,p_31_14449.html?searchinput=1000288&searchword=1000288 Life-Size Hand Model with Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Nerves & Arteries, 3 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/life-size-hand-model-with-muscles-tendons-ligaments-nerves-arteries-3-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000349-m18-3b-scientific,p_889_375.html?searchinput=1000349&searchword=1000349 Human Head Model, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-head-model-6-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000217-c091-3b-scientific,p_32_231.html?searchinput=1000217&searchword=1000217 Head Musculature Model with Nerves - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/head-musculature-model-with-nerves-3b-smart-anatomy-1008543-vb129-3b-scientific,p_32_2226.html?searchinput=1008543&searchword=1008543 BONElike™ Human Skull Model, Half Transparent & Half Bony, Complete with Brain & Vertebrae - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/bonelike-human-skull-model-half-transparent-half-bony-complete-with-brain-vertebrae-3b-smart-anatomy-1000064-a283-3b-scientific,p_55_49.html?searchinput=1000064&searchword=1000064 Head Musculature Model with Blood Vessels - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/head-musculature-model-with-blood-vessels-3b-smart-anatomy-1001240-vb128-3b-scientific,p_32_2225.html?searchinput=1001240&searchword=1001240 Life-Size Model of Rear Organs of Upper Abdomen - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/life-size-model-of-rear-organs-of-upper-abdomen-3b-smart-anatomy-1000309-k222-3b-scientific,p_25_332.html?searchinput=1000309&searchword=1000309 Human Larynx Model, 2 times Full-Size, 7 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-larynx-model-2-times-full-size-7-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000272-g21-3b-scientific,p_26_292.html?searchinput=1000272&searchword=1000272 Human Ear Model, 3 times Life-Size, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-ear-model-3-times-life-size-6-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000251-e11-3b-scientific,p_26_269.html?searchinput=1000251&searchword=1000251 Human Brain Model with Arteries on Base of Head, 8 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-brain-model-with-arteries-on-base-of-head-8-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1017869-c25-3b-scientific,p_13_246.html?searchinput=1017869&searchword=1017869 Breast Cross-Section Model https://www.a3bs.com/breast-cross-section-model-1019559-w33351-3450,p_1167_27110.html?searchinput=1019559&searchword=1019559 MRI Torso Model with 15 Transverse Sections - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/mri-torso-model-with-15-transverse-sections-3b-smart-anatomy-1001237-va20-3b-scientific,p_58_2217.html Human Eye Model, 3 times Full-Size, 7 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-eye-model-3-times-full-size-7-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000258-f13-3b-scientific,p_30_276.html?searchinput=1000258&searchword=1000258 Life-Size Deluxe Muscle Arm Model, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/life-size-deluxe-muscle-arm-model-6-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000347-m11-3b-scientific,p_46_372.html?searchinput=1000347&searchword=1000347 Muscle Arm Model, 3/4 Life-Size, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/muscle-arm-model-34-life-size-6-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000015-m10-3b-scientific,p_46_371.html?searchinput=1000015&searchword=1000015 Human Digestive System Model, 2 part - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/human-digestive-system-model-2-part-3b-smart-anatomy-1000306-k20-3b-scientific,p_25_328.html?searchinput=1000306&searchword=1000306 Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model with Painted Muscles, Complete with 3-part Skull - 3B Smart Anatomy https://www.a3bs.com/disarticulated-human-skeleton-model-with-painted-muscles-complete-with-3-part-skull-3b-smart-anatomy-1020158-a052-3b-scientific,p_842_4.html?searchinput=1020158&searchword=1020158

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2021-12-06 09:36:20
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can you send me the driver for windows and mac for the camera in the object? thank you

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2021-12-03 17:44:06
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United States
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2021-11-24 20:00:02
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