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Hello    Flow Cytometer model no-BeamCyte-1026 can be used for CD4 and %CD4 counts. Please drop a mail regarding Query

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2023-09-26 15:03:33
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2023-09-17 21:00:03
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I am interested in the Alexandrige Gentleman pro 755 1064 laser

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2023-09-17 17:50:03
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I am looking for disposable IONM needles, cork screws and an eeg machine

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2023-09-12 09:10:03
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Dear Sir/Madam, I am reaching out to you as we are in search of a distributor for our urease tests, known as the "Hepy Urease Test," designed to detect Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Our family-owned company has been a manufacturer of this product for generations. We pride ourselves on upholding the highest product quality standards, which have been well-recognized by customers across various regions, including Germany, Poland, Greece, Lithuania and Azerbaijan. We would greatly appreciate any information or guidance that could assist us in finding a suitable distributor or partner in your country. Our goal is to expand our presence into new markets, ensuring that a larger number of individuals have access to our products and services. In addition to seeking distribution partners, we are also open to collaborative opportunities that involve producing the tests under your brand. Alternatively, we can offer sales of the test rings and discs pre-soaked with the necessary chemical reagents Please feel free to get in touch to discuss further steps and potential collaboration opportunities. Thank you for your time and consideration of our product. Best regards, Sonia Majewska Key Account Manager, Retail Market Hepy Urease Test hepyureasetest.pl tel. 

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2023-08-29 16:28:59
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I have an old  version of the abover analyzer in my Hong Kong laboratory.  Could I still call for  your service as there is  some sort of leakage error?  Thanks in advance!

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2023-08-26 19:15:15
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2023-08-18 03:10:03
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. send me your contact information via wechat to me , i want to make friends and talk face to face ,  this is my wechat

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2023-08-11 11:01:33
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. I am looking for the following Surgical Containers for Cruciate Ligament boxes and Shoulder Prostheses for surgeries. For examples this mesures 1/1-1/2 -3/4 All with lid filter and box bottom. I have attached some requested information for reference.

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2023-08-09 22:54:04
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We have interested to hospital furniture. My whatsapp number

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2023-07-29 13:55:51
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As a leading importer, we are interested in buying 2-parts-syringe. Please contact me if with interests 

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2023-06-28 19:18:51
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Dear Sir/Madam, I am Benay, from Saytek Medical And Plastic. (SAYTEKMED) Do you have the products I listed below; • 16/32 channel neuromonitoring device • Prob • Electrode Please inform me about the price, delivery time and payment terms of these products. Thanks & Regards.

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2023-06-12 18:20:36
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check your emails

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2023-06-06 18:11:56
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plate Processor- PT -90 Production code -167212900981 need one plate cleaning brush for our existing machine. Please send me a quote in above mail id .

United Arab Emirates
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2023-05-27 18:50:56
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-05-18 20:35:04
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Please provide me with more details of the product slit lamp S390L WDR with table OT36°C

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2023-05-16 20:47:14
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-04-27 19:09:07
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2023-04-20 00:30:37
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Good morning I am from palestine looking for intraoperative neurophysiology monitor 16 channel and 32 channel I want it to do SSEP, TcMEP, EMG, TRIGG EMG, PEDICLE SCROW TESSTING, TRAIN OF FOUR, CORTICAL STIMULATION, SUBCORTICAL STIMULATION, AND LOW STIMULATION

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2023-04-06 17:41:58
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We are at Norvik Hospital, looking for urea breath test analyzer machine Hubt 20 p model. Please confirm if you have it available, then send us the catalog and what is the quote?

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2023-04-01 14:53:29
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We are looking for urea breath test analyzer machine, HUBT 20 P model. Please confirm if you have it, then send the catalog and its pricing thank you

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2023-04-01 14:46:00
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Hi my name is Kevin. I am looking for a manufacturing company that would mass produce a medical device and non-invasive sensors. The hardware device would be completely designed, and I would need a large quantity of 2 channel EEG forehead sensors and EKG sensors.

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2023-03-31 20:10:46
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ENT Plasma Surgery System. I would like to know if you have a handpiece for turbinate reduction compatible with the comblation system from smith and nephew.

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2023-03-26 17:37:05
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Good day We are interested in you premium product range. Please send us more info

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2023-02-13 18:09:01
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