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Please send me a catalogue & prices.for Hysteroscopy Instruments 
1.Telescope-  Description: Endoscope, End 30° Length: 30 cm - 11 3/4" Diameter: Ø 4 mm 
 including adapter for connection to Fibre optic cable {Light source } and Telescope Cable (WOLF, STORZ} Endoscope  
Cold light supply and Fibre Optic Cable 
2.Double Channel Diagnostic Hysteroscopy: 6mm 
  3.Four Channel Diagnostic Hysteroscopy-8mm 
       Instruments:  Semirigid or Flexible grasping forceps with teeth
 Semi rigid scissors 

 Semi rigid punch forceps 
Novy Tubal Cannulation Catheter-5f outer catheter, 3f flexible soft catheter, 0.5mm malleable guide wire 

 4.Resectoscope or Operative Hysteroscope Features: internal and external sheaths of 8-9mm outer diameter 
 Working elements
Laser fibres 
 Electrodes- with 400watt Electro-surgical generator with under water cutting & coagulation facility a. Mono polar -U-shaped -8mm 30 degree b. Mono polar Loop- 45degres c. Bipolar -U -shaped 8mm-90 degrees d. Collin’s Knife e. Vapourising Electrodes 

Video camera system 
Monitor with recording system
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