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Inquiry about Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • 2020-04-26 11:52:11
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Inquiry about Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd2020-04-26 11:52:11
Good Afternoon,

I hope you are doing well! 

I wanted to reach out as I came across your company and thought you might have a potential solution for our customer. 

They are looking to collaborate with a company on a potential solution over the next 3/5 years. I thought your technology may be able to assist in this. 

Below is the technical challenge we are looking to solve. Look forward to talking with you.

The target technology should have the following characteristics: 
• A reduced physical footprint from current technologies
• An ability to accurately distinguish solids from other anomalies (air bubbles, etc.) 
• An ability to ultimately function in the inline filling environment (sterility, etc.) 
Targeted Solution
• of all kinds of material and as small as 50 µm
• in water-based drug product
• in a suspension (water based) with crystals max. 20 µm
• through glass without spinning the cartridge
• at 600 pcs/minute for 3 mL containers
Solutions needs to focus on filling process and 
Without damaging:
• product
• glass barrier
• silicon on the inner glass surface
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