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I am interested in your product, please send me more details. We look forward to your quick response.

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2023-04-20 00:04:01
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. and a contact please

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2023-04-18 11:01:07
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Dear, I  write to ask you if you could send me some documentation for Impulse sealer model: CD-300, serial no. 23129. Thanks in advance. Regards, Robert Rädisch

Czech Republic
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2023-04-11 15:22:01
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Please provide me with more product details.I want to have information about the type of seals used on this cylinder. QHSY-630/400KN-5,4M ( 2011-040B)

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2023-03-17 21:26:02
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Hello Can I get a catalog of your products from you?

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2023-03-10 17:14:47
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for Aluminium tile trim Regards,

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2023-02-23 23:39:02
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I would like to purchase your products.

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2023-02-14 19:04:19
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Greetings, My name is Lesli Haynes and I‘m contacting you on behalf of Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC I came across your website during my search for companies that provide chemicals. I would like to inquire about the products below; TITANIUM DIOXIDE (Ti02) Rutile grade....2*20FCL Delivered to MOMBASA SEA PORT (CIF preferred) Our payment options: NET 30 Days, Cash Against Documents, and Days Against Acceptance. Could you please send me more details including specifications, possible options, availability, and prices at the earliest? Looking forward to your response. 

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2023-02-10 04:50:16
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We offer large volumes of metallurgical blast-furnace coke. If interested, please contact us. 

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2023-01-25 14:48:57
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Dear, Im from Vietnam. I want to import Aluminum spint. Can you give me your email or whatsapp numbers to discus. Regards, Haolv

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2023-01-11 11:17:25
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Dear  Ladies  &  Gentlemen,   Could you pls quote  melon pink coloured LED light of 80, 100 & 120W for 6500.000pcs.  We hope you can supply us in CKD form for saving import tax. In our country  Line voltage is 220VAC, 50 Hz. If you have 80, 100 & 120W that would be acceptable. Best  way is you send us your related  catalogues. We hope you can offer better prices than competition. We’re willing to exhibit your products at İstanbul Lighting Fair. If your prices are acceptable we’re required to provide 1 sample each of 80W , 100W & 120W by attaching related invoice for customs clearing; for the exhibition & afterwards sampling to Ministery of Energy together with catalogues. Could you pls advise power ranges, size info & prices.               New Turkish Minister of Energy is our ex sales manager; we’ll show  sample to him for approval; we need your support. We also need LED strip light sample;  my brothers Company needs for illumination of data center cabinets.Pls send 50cm sample & catalogue + price info. Another possibility is about sports lighting; we can make good business in Turkiye for  football stadium and basketball  salloons illumination. If you can supply any product; for this application pls send us detailed information, catalogues  30 pcs, reference list and pricing info. There are many other opportunities like lighting of hotels, super markets, shopping centers etch. Pls provide us catalogues & price infos. We guess solar light can be applied  on top of shopping centres; pls provide us catalogues & price info as well. As soon as we get your samples we’ll directly visit Energy Ministery then we’ll be exhibiting your products. We hope to have long term cooperation with your company.     Regards Mr O. Gur ozcan.gur@elektro.com.tr   Elektro AS Burhaniye Mah. Bahceler sokak No:10, Beylerbeyi, 34676 Istanbul Turkiye

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2022-12-01 17:10:16
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I purchase FRP fan wheels from Leesii and am now unable to connect with you can you provide me with a contact?

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2022-10-12 21:38:19
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Hi Sir / Ma'am PLease quote your best price and availability.sent us also catalog on what you offer SY-MC4-1 (Male &Female PV connectors) 300.000 PAA SY-BY21-A/B (Male+Female) 300.000 PAA Thank you and waiting your proposal.ASAP Regards, Ronnie Berzabal Project Engr. 

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2022-09-01 09:09:47
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Hello, following up on orders placed by Brandon Reis at Reis Promotions and Apparel. his email is brandon@reispromo.com He placed the following orders: Graeters Hats - Qty 5000 Graeters Aprons - Qty 5000 Orders were placed 6/24/2022. Do we have an ETA on shipping and/or tracking?

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2022-08-23 22:39:28
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I am looking for babycashmere sweaters. Please let me know, what you can suggest!

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2022-07-01 12:42:07
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc We would like to send you an e-mail because we would like to send you an inquiry for a winding machine, so please inform contact and e-mail to where we can send the inquiry. Thanks and regards Paula Silva

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2022-04-06 18:17:39
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

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2022-03-24 19:19:24
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Good morning, Kindly send us the price of menthol crystal and feel free to send me a list of your exporting chemicals list.We are a wholesale company looking for partnership. Waiting for your reply.Best regards.

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2022-03-14 17:34:09
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Добрый день.Мы хотим заказать партию картриджей .мы большая компания и нам хотелось бы выполнить свою технологию и наш бренд на вашем мануфактурк.мы любим вашу продукцию и хотим чтобы вы для нас ее сделали по нашему образцу.вы работаете под заказ, т по образцам и чертежам? Good afternoon.We want to order a batch of cartridges .we are a big company and we would like to execute our technology and our brand on your manufactory.we love your products and want you to make them for us according to our sample.do you work under the order, t according to samples and drawings?

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Russian Federation
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2022-02-22 01:02:32
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Could you please send the product catalogue,so I can take a look.

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2022-01-25 19:27:52
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Hello, I wish this email finds you fine. Kindly be informed that we are a Saudi company looking forward to export plastic packaging products. If you're interested in cooperation, kindly send us an email to: eman.helmy@asas-alinmaa.com Looking forward to an innovative cooperation between us.

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2022-01-08 17:26:15
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Dear Sirs. I ask you to give an answer about the possibility of modernization and translation of the QFT 10-15 press for pressing multi-colored bricks (color mix)

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2022-01-04 18:28:56
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Hello, I am the Director of Sales with TJP Labs, North America's leading contract manufacturer of next-generation nicotine products specializing in vaping products and modern oral nicotine pouch manufacturing. Our Chief Commercial Officer, Waqas Khan, is very interested in discussing a potential opportunity to collaborate with the Talat Marie & Sons. He is currently in Dubai on business and would like me to facilitate a meeting. Can you please let me know who the best person to speak with would be? Thank you, Jose Romano Lopez

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2021-12-22 23:46:13
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Hi, I need MSDS for: B343849 Methyl 3-amino-6-(trifluoromethyl)picolinate; B382129 3-Bromo-7-iodoquinoline; B167277 7-Chloro-1,8-naphthyridin-2-ol; B238655 2-Bromo-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-imidazole; B32625 4,6-Dichloro-5-fluoropyrimidine; B250102 3-Oxo-1-phenyl-2,7,10-trioxa-4-azadodecan-12-oic acid; B241784 Ethyl 4-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylate hydrochloride

United States
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2021-11-15 22:19:28
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