Power Transmission Tower Requirement in Indonesia (印度尼西亚的输电塔需求)

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Power Transmission Tower Requirement in Indonesia (印度尼西亚的输电塔需求)
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  • 2019-05-16 18:11:03
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Power Transmission Tower Requirement in Indonesia (印度尼西亚的输电塔需求)2019-05-16 18:11:03
Hi Linda,

Good evening.

We are working with a MNC conglomerate for a power transmission line project in Indonesia. At the moment, we are sourcing for a power transmission tower for a customer (state-owned) in Jakarta. The purpose of this tower is for Emergency usage and only ONE tower is needed (我们正在与一家跨国公司合作,在印度尼西亚建设输电线路项目。 目前,我们正在采购用于在雅加达客户(国企)一个输电塔。 该塔是给紧急使用,目前只是需要一个塔。以后还有更多输电塔的需求).

Besides meeting the technical requirements, the customer has request the tower needed to comply with international standards, i.e. IEC Standard etc. If the standard is not seen in the specifications and drawings, the supplier of goods / services must fulfil the standard one as follows (除满足技术要求外,客户还要求塔架符合国际标准,即IEC标准等。如果规格和图纸中未标明该标准,则商品/服务供应商必须符合以下标准):
-	SPLN (Indonesia)
-	SNI (Indonesia)
-	VDE (Germany)
-	BS (British)
-	JIS (Japan)
-	SPLN (Indonesia)
-	SNI (Indonesia)
-	VDE (Germany)
-	BS (British)
-	JIS (Japan)
-	And other international standards that are equal or better (和其他相同或更好的国际标准).
This type of test certificate must be issued by an independent and credible International Testing Laboratory, including (此类测试证书必须由独立可靠的国际测试实验室颁发,包括):
1. KEMA                                                                           9. CRIEPI
2. CESI                                                                              10. Ontario Hydro Technologies
3. VFALL                                                                           11. EPRI
4. FGH                                                                              12. CERDA
5. Center D’essais de Bazet                                        13. VOLTA
6. EDF                                                                               14. DET NORSKE VERITAS
7. Power Tech Lab Inc.                                                15. CE.TA.CE.LABORATORY
8. IREQ                                                                             16.Laboratorium pengujian lainnya

Should your company keen to explore this business opportunity, we will be glad to provide the technical specifications for your perusal (如果你的公司热衷于探索这个商业机会,我们会很高兴为您提供细读的技术规范). 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Best regards,
Ivan Tan
Hub Link Infocomm (Singapore)
HP:+65 90033000
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