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Dear All, I am contacting you because we used to work in the past on merino wool longslive, but I can not reach you by an e-mail I have from past so I have found your website to reach you. We are interesting to continue cooperation on 100% merino wool lonsgleeve. Kindly please try to reach me by e-mail: m.stettner@larix.com.pl Thank you!

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  • Zhangjiagang Luckywool Fashion Inc.
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2019-07-19 16:43:58
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尊敬的女士/先生, 您好! 我叫奥莉莎,我是出口部经理在 Brand Distribution Group 在波兰。我们目前正积极开发亚洲地区的市场,并寻找适合的合作伙伴。我司主要提供全世界知名品牌的FMCG商品。我们卖最著名的洗衣液,清洁用紙巾、等各家用化学品和食品。 要是您对我们的快速消费品感兴趣,我就很高兴了。 如果您有问题就问我。 我的电子邮件是 export41@bdgroup.eu 我的号码是 +48 607 555 482 望合作愉快 此致敬礼 奥莉莎 出口部经理

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  • nanning jieling sanitary co.,ltd
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2019-07-18 13:45:03
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Наша компания делает свою работу по восстановлению и очистки труб по водоподготовки и водоотведению новым способом гидродинамической прочистки на новейшем оборудовании. Использование указанного метода дает гарантию возобновления параметров труб к исходному уровню, становятся меньше расходы электроэнергии на 15процентов, повышается продолжительность применения трубопровода на двадцать лет до капремонта, увеличиваются интервалы между профилактическим сопровождением. Предприятие проводит любые работы, как к примеру: Услуги видеодиагностики -внутренней и внешних инженерных систем различного назначения. Из каких соображений предпочитают данную компанию? Значительный опыт работы - более сотни настроенных очистных сооружений в Нашей стране и за её пределами, факт наличия всех лицензий и разрешений на осуществление ремонтно-строительных и технических работ, создание и проектирование экологического, безопасного, энергосберегающего, высокоэффективного оснащения, послегарантийное обслуживание, высокопрофессиональный и ответственный коллектив. Телеметрия скважин - Чистка фильтров скважин

Russian Federation
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2019-07-17 23:35:37
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Hi there, I bought one set of Smart V10 alarm system from website. Now I have problem that the alarm system is triggered based on wrong time zone. It should be GMT+7, but it is now at GMT-7. I can't figure out why. Please let me know how to set the time zone.

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  • Guangzhou zhi cheng Co.,LTD
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2019-07-17 17:57:32
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  • 2016 custom ear muff for sleeping/earmuffs for sleeping sound proof ear muff/ear muff for sleeping
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2019-07-16 20:04:35
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Thank you for your contact, recently at 16 Jul 2019 17:42:15 +0800 (CST) from Rosy Yang and Jet Chen Director from Shenzhen Jeya Headwear Co., Ltd. Recently from wenhe5429124182 @ 126 .com using outlook .com with cmsf .cv user. It is very old mailing. It was sent to our old address, removed over 4 years ago. We are sorry, but we do not import items from your country. We do not have any plans to do that in the closest future. Please remove all our emails terradent from your databases.

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  • Shenzhen Jeya Headwear Co., Ltd.
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2019-07-16 18:14:48
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I would like your quotation about Hair accessory products. Please update your e-mail contact to me asap. Looking forward hearing from you soon. Best regards, Pimsiri

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2019-07-16 11:27:18
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Dear Sir, This is to inform you that National Lottery Administration (NLA) of Ethiopia has issued a tender for the supply of: 1. 20,000,000 bar coded Instant Lottery tickets, 2. 40,000,000 bar coded BINGO Lottery tickets. The closing date will be August 14, 2019 at 3:00 PM and will be opened on same date at 3:30 PM, local time. If you are interested to participate in this tender, please advise us at earliest so that we will buy and send you the complete set of tender document for your examination. We look forward to hearing from you soon. With kind regards Kassahun

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  • Shenzhen King Win Variable Data Printing Co.,Ltd.
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2019-07-15 16:24:17
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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!can you get Louis Vuitton ,Gucci,Hermès ties?

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  • Hotsell Cheap Louis Vuitton Scarf Wholesale LV Silk Scarves Replica AAA LV Scarves Outlet
United States
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2019-07-14 12:09:37
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This is Mr.Venkateshalu from India, a importer of office automation products from China. I was visiting Guangzhou on 24-26th of this month. We need 60/65/7-We will be looking forward to meet you. Let me confirm your appointment during my visit to Guangzhou this month. Awaiting your reply at the earliest possible. Regards R.Venkateshalu CEO Globe Digital Service 6/22, First Cross Maravaneri Salem 636007 Tamil Nadu, India Mob: +91 9443082830 email: globevenkat@gmail.com

United States
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2019-07-13 12:58:13
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  • Inner Mongolia First Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.
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2019-07-13 10:22:19
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Hello this is Karen from Sandleford in Australia. In the past we purchased safes from your company and on sold them to Bunnings. Michael Feng was incharge of our account. One of our customers has lost the combination to his LC50J Safe. Although we have most of the combinations for your safes I am unable to find this on Serial number LC0920016 . Could you please forward the combination so I can give it to my customer to open his safe. Thank you Karen

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2019-07-12 13:36:25
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Hi, this Vitaliy, M&D Supply Solutions ( http://mdsupplysolutions.co.uk/) company manager. Our mission - assist to European Retailers and Wholesalers in the highly effective business cooperation with various Asian Manufacturers. We are looking for partners to supply all kinds of dried fish and squid. Please see the attachment for reference. Can you offer anything and what are the delivery conditions? Hope for cooperation! Best regards

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2019-07-11 19:07:32
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I want to have your company address in China and the company phone number
I want to have your company address in China and the company phone number

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  • SVM-F120P Ribbon with 120sheet paper suitable for SONY DPP-F Print
United States
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2019-07-11 19:00:02
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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!600 staw hats with our logo on them

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  • YXH5/OEM Australia surf straw hat /custom outdoor surf straw hat wholeasle
United Arab Emirates
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2019-07-10 20:50:02
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information? i want 600 with our logo on them

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  • YXH5/OEM Australia surf straw hat /custom outdoor surf straw hat wholeasle
United Arab Emirates
IP : 83.110.21.**
2019-07-10 20:23:11
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I have ordered similar items at least 10 times, and none has matched my needs. Is there ANY way to get one sample of any plastic rhinestone similar buckle you have? I can pay for the samples before placing a larger order. I require: lightweight made of plastic base rhinestone like circular buckle that will fit 12-16 MM inner straps also similar to hold 17-22mm inner strap Thank you! Thank you!

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  • Factory directly ! Wholesale Ex-factory price plastic ribbon buckle
United States
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2019-07-09 19:06:06
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Webing belt
Pls reply to my what's app number

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  • Custom Kuwait Police Nylon Military Belt
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2019-07-09 13:50:15
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. Dear Wina Jia I live in Reunion Island (France) and I am about to open a pregnancy women and babies clothes, made in organic fabrics, as organic cotton / bamboo / hemp … It would be nice if you could propose these items ! If yes, is it possible to have catalogue and prices ? are you GOTS certified ? And what are your conditions and delay for orders and delivery? I am so thankful to you for all this answers. Best regards, Marie DEFC974

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2019-07-08 03:42:03
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  • China factory price round rhinestone crystal circle crown Manufacturers
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2019-07-08 00:40:01
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Hi sir my name is Naveed Hussain from Pakistan sialkot sir can you send your what's app no or i have mentioned our what's app on above so please you will send one sms i will talk you about crown thanks Best regards Naveed

  • Tiaras
  • China factory price round rhinestone crystal circle crown Manufacturers
IP : 119.160.65.**
2019-07-07 19:20:02
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To: twinjet Building 7, NO.129 , Dajiang Road , Songjiang,District , Shanghai, China info@twinjet.com.cn Reference: Machine Description: Twinjet Digital Printer Model: Elastex 1800 Serial No. : 0172 Size: 2970#890#1440 Making Date: 2016 . 11 . 1 Agent in Egypt: EGYGRAFX Date Purchased: March 1st, 2017 Dear Sir: Knowing that Chinese equipment have a very good reputation worldwide, we at Lumex Apparel Co. made the decision to purchase the referenced textile printer from your company. The printer was running satisfactorily for about six months, then it started exhibiting few major problems: 1. Sep 25, 2017: Replace head #2 2. October 18, 2018 : Replace head #2 again, and carriage board 3. December 15, 2018 : Both Heads #1 and #2 , and the carriage board have failed and need replacement, which we haven’t done yet. The reason is that the cost of spare parts are relatively high (about $2000 each). Besides we do not want to risk buying them because they are not covered by any warranty. We suspect that their frequent failure could be the result of a short circuit in the panel which your authorized dealer has not been able to fix. 4. Fixation unit motor is burnt out. 5. Production rate is significantly lower than what we were promised it will do. 6. The quality of colored prints is much lower than what we had expected, in spite of using the best fabric treatment available, and the type of ink supplied by your dealer. 7. The printer has not been heavily used throughout the period we have it. Its total production does not exceed 20000 meters so far. 8. At the moment the printer is rendered idle, giving us a big disappointment, We are proposing the following solutions to our problems: 1. We ship you the defective parts for repair and testing , and reinstall them under your supervision. 2. If one of your technical team is visiting the area in the near future as part of a promotional campaign, then we would appreciate if he could pay us a visit to check on the printer. 3. You can assist us in selling the printer after having it refurbished and repaired by your agent, then have him deduct his expenses from the selling price. 4. We can trade it in with another printer such as SC-1869W Dye Sublimation at a fair trade invalue. Despite all the pressures on the Chinese economy and technology, we at Lumex would like to reiterate our confidence in your company, and in the Chinese people as a whole. We shall also continue to use Chinese products and stand by China in its battle against the super powers. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Said Afifi Lumex Apparel co.

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  • Shanghai Twinjet Technology Development Co., Ltd
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2019-07-06 21:09:27
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Bonjour, j’aimerai savoir comment m’en procurer un pourriez vous me l’indiquer s’il vous plaît ?

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  • 2016 new style funny winter hats LOL Gnar hat with low price
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2019-07-06 05:56:43
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Hello, we need as soon as possible the following material: 250 – 340 g/m² Para-Aramid, Meta Aramid or just Aramid Aluminum foil coating 6-9 micro 50 – 100 m Rolls 150 cm width Could you send us an offer for it, please? If you have something similar, further the delivery time which we can expect, some pictures and a technical data sheet, would help us. For questions please do not hesitate.

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2019-07-04 20:16:05
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