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Please send me a copy of your complete catalogue detailing all your products and prices.

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2023-05-24 02:21:42
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Hi, do you have a catalog? Regards Alessandro

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2023-05-12 16:56:03
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Please contact me i am interested in your products. BR Jimmy

IP : 188.179.204.**
2023-04-28 14:10:52
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

IP : 188.179.204.**
2023-04-25 14:52:42
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we want to buy your product, whether there is dealer in china mainland ? contact me at 

IP : 172.82.190.**
2023-04-23 14:55:46
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We are interested in Asphalt Emulsifier 

IP : 190.108.214.**
2023-02-28 22:42:39
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Good day WE need guanidine carbonate cosmetic grade your n'est Price for 1 MT
Guanidine carbonate please

IP : 129.0.99.**
2023-02-18 07:20:02
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Looking for information regarding your xanthan gum offers

IP : 73.86.23.**
2023-02-18 00:24:32
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Hello My name is Alexey and I’m from “Firma Sistema” Ltd (Russia) We produce equipment for theaters, assembly halls, concert halls and cultural centers. We need motors for our equipment. Can you offer us a geared motor with the specifications of: DC Motor: Nominal voltage - 24 V DC Nominal current - ~2,3 А Nominal torque - ~10 Ncm Nominal speed - ~3600 rpm Nominal output power - ~37 W shaft for encoder mounting Worm gearbox: Reduction ratio - 72 Shaft output to the right Best regards, Bochkarev Alexey Project Manager Firma Sistema LTD

IP : 82.208.80.**
2023-02-07 21:52:29
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Hello dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to ask you about products needed for fuel additives. In fact, we are about to boost the petrol octane rate from 88 to 94 in our country. For this reason, we are seeking for producers of MTBE, ETBE and MMT to supply our demand with reasonable prices. If so, we would offer a special amount of the product regularly (weekly or monthly). Our company is located in Tehran, Iran. Please do not hesitate to contact me.   my Whatsapp and Telegram number. Looking forward to hearing from you Best Wishes Babak Azar

IP : 104.234.19.**
2023-01-22 22:55:09
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we purchased several welding positioners in 2007 with delta vfd.  I am looking for a wiring diagram for xhb-30 with digital meter for a customer

IP : 136.244.7.**
2022-11-19 19:16:25
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do you have brochure?
please send your brochure to email 

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2022-11-04 10:50:02
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i want become dealer in vietnam country

IP : 171.247.175.**
2022-10-17 12:52:54
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details, product catalogue, price list etc. Thank you, Peggy Gan USA Mobile Phone

IP : 24.4.83.**
2022-10-07 07:45:10
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, Dear All, I'm contacting you to have some information for our Project in Doha, Qatar and ask your best approximative quotation for realization of 10-15 mt diameter Floral clock for Horticultural Expo Doha 2023. I saw on your website different models that can suit us. I would like to have your economic estimate of the intervention and possibly, if you are not willing to carry out the intervention on site, an estimate of the costs for the supply of the mechanism / technical details. I kindly ask you to reply me with requested information ASAP, since we have deadline for all expenses to be considered.

IP : 93.46.218.**
2022-09-28 22:06:11
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

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2022-09-26 04:54:53
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. whatsapp : 

IP : 27.64.86.**
2022-09-20 15:26:58
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Kindly send us the Price quotation (CIF Mundra) along with COA for Xanthan Gum 80 Food/Pharma Grade and Xanthan Gum 200 Mesh Food and Pharma Grade. We need around 2 to 3 FCL’S per month Destination :  Ahmedabad India

IP : 182.72.240.**
2022-09-15 17:26:21
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Good afternoon, I need such an electric motor 24 V Please write to me by e-mail I will send you its characteristics Thank you .

IP : 5.61.62.**
2022-07-15 02:31:41
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Dear Sir/Madam, Hello, My name is Anatoly Poselennov, I am working in international procurement department KSC group (our website: http://kscgroup.ru/). We are the market leader in Russian railways cars components manufacturer We would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. We are interestin in WG5882.42ZYT SERIES DC WORM GEAR MOTOR and 63WG.63ZYT SERIES PM DC WORM GEAR MOTOR

Russian Federation
IP : 213.135.85.**
2022-06-17 19:59:28
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Dear Sir/Madam; Could you please offer for 1 FCL Triisobutyl Phosphate CIF/Ambarlı? And please send MSDS,TDS,coa and package type of your product.

IP : 195.142.115.**
2022-06-01 14:25:23
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Need hydrogen peroxide 60% 20 tons with delivery to Tashkent Uzbekistan

IP : 213.230.80.**
2022-05-06 17:06:51
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we are an importer based in the USA interested in importing Xanthan Gum  80 mesh for drilling (25kg bags or superbags of 1 ton each) our requirement to start would be 1-2 containers / month   Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for the product

United States
IP : 12.152.124.**
2022-04-20 06:00:50
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me +7 4752795492 kev_ovs@krata.ru Best regards, Ekaterina

Russian Federation
IP : 78.132.129.**
2022-03-22 21:00:59
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