Inquiry about Ultrasonic flow sensor AW5Y0980K02L142Z

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Inquiry about Ultrasonic flow sensor AW5Y0980K02L142Z
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  • 2017-02-07 15:19:38
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Inquiry about Ultrasonic flow sensor AW5Y0980K02L142Z2017-02-07 15:19:38
Dear Manager,
Currently, I'm using TDC1011, TDC7200 and SMFM21F1000 to detect existence and nonexistence of water in a water tank , 
the width is 40cm , for a cow. The excitation specification is as following
1. Excitation voltage : 24 ~ 27Vdc
2. Excitation frequency : 1MHz
3. Excitation period : 100Hz.
During test, the basic performance is quite good.
But, there exist some weak points as following.
1. Existence of dead zone caused by beam angle.
2. Can't detect soft things such as hand of human, rubber and so forth.
During search an ultrasonic flow sensor which was suite for my application, that means can detect soft things, fortunately I found the AW5Y0980K02L142Z. Would you please send to me a specification and samples?

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