Inquiry about ISOPHETHALIC ACID (IPA) - China (Mainland)

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Inquiry about ISOPHETHALIC ACID (IPA) - China (Mainland)
  • Chuck Mirjahangir
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  • 2017-04-13 08:11:25
  • 714-975-6489
  • Mirjahangir Engineering Corp.
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Inquiry about ISOPHETHALIC ACID (IPA) - China (Mainland)2017-04-13 08:11:25
Please advise if you are interested to provide a firm quotation valid for minimum 30 days for a quantity of 1,500 metric Tons, CIF Persian Gulf, with the following specifications.

          Technical DATA ( must be signed and stamped by you) via Email for 1,500 MT.
  ISOPHETHALIC ACID (IPA) with following description:
Material Requisition of isophetalic acid :   
Assay	 	≥99.9	 	 	 	 
Formula	 	COOH-(C6H4)-COOH	 	 	 	 
Molar Mass	 	166.1 g/mol	 	 	 	 
Appearance	 	With Crystalline Powder	 	 	 	 
Acid number	 	674±3 mgKOH/g	 	 	 	 
Ash	 	<=20 ppm	 	 	 	 
Iron	 	<=3 ppm	 	 	 	 
2- and 3-Carboxylbenzaldehyde	 	<=25 ppm	 	 	 	 
Meta-toluic Acid	 	<=150 ppm	 	 	 	 
Moisture	 	<= 0.2 weight%	 	 	 	 
Colour,b-value	 	<=2.5	 	 	 	 
total significant metals	 	<=10 ppm	 	 	 	 
Grain size distribution	 	<40 µm	<20%	 	 	 
 	 	40 - 160  µm	remainder	 	 	 
 	 	160 - 250  µm	<15%	 	 	 
 	 	>250 µm	<3%	 	 	 
 	 	>500 µm	0%	 	 	 

-   The material must be contained in 1000kgs jumbo bags
-   Jumbo Bags must have inner liner (the material of inner liner must be LDPE and the wall of Jumbo Bag must be PP (.
-  Jumbo Bag must be of high strength in body and handle
2-Quotation received after ----------  may not be considered.
3- Your  quotation  must  be  in English  language  &  should  include  the following information :
CPT Tehran, FOB & CFR Bandar Imam price	3.7. Country of origin & name of the manufacturer
3.2. Earliest delivery time	3.8. Customs tariff No.
3.3. Terms of payment	3.9. Loading, unloading port and method of dispatch
3.4. Estimated net and gross weight & dimension	. Validity of offer should be at least 30 Days 
3.5. Estimated volume and mode of packing	3.11. Guarantee period (If Applicable)
3.6. Firm unit & total price for each item	3.12. Other than US Dollar
 4- Items specifications:
 Should  be  in accordance with original inq. (item No. , MESC No. , part No. &… for each requested item ).
 5- Deviations from our requisition ( if any ) should be clarified in quotation .
 6- Payment :
    In case of  an  order  the payment will be implemented via our acting agent in
 7- Technical  Documents :
   Vendor should submit one original and  two copies of the following  documents in case of order .
8- certificate of origin , material and test certificates., Certificate of Inspection
 9- Packing Information: Export water proof Packing.

Please advise your interest in the above quotation at your earliest convenience.

For your information the annual contract for this product is 6,500.00 Metric Tons, of which 1,500.00 Metric Tons is for immediate delivery.


Chuck S.  Mirjahangir, President
Mirjahangir Engineering Corp.
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92646
Tel: 714-975-6489
Cell: 949-395-1274
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