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Dear Lootom, we are interested in your EoC products - master and slave (no wifi), all indoor. Do you have detailed specification for these? Datasheet? Dimension sheet? We are interested in prices and MOQ too. Can you also provide master modules? with best, Radek Gabriel - EoC networks

Czech Republic
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2020-05-30 03:23:08
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Dear Sir, We are a general trading company base in casablanca Morocco and looking for non-woven fabric 25 gr/m2 in light blue color for local market to be used in medical coverall Please advise the price and availability of 10 MT for immediate shipment Also we are looking for the following materials for face mask production: MELT BLOWN FABRIC 1um Best regards,

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2020-05-29 06:58:21
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Dear Yongcun, This is Fabio from Prolights, an italian company involved in the manufacturing of professional lighting technologies and international distributors of third-party products for the professional lighting business. Please find information about our companies on the following websites: www.musiclights.it - www.prolights.it We would be interested in receiving a quotation according to the following specs: MH Thread Brass Cable Gland Nickel plated - Cable range 3-6.5mm - Thread lenght GLmm6; Combined Lenght 19; Spanner size 14mm; AGmm 12 Quantity 1000pcs Our company details as follow: Music & Lights S.r.l. Via Appia Km 136,200 Itri, 04020, Italy Looking forward to read from you Best Regards Fabio

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2020-05-08 16:40:38
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2020-05-08 11:32:54
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Please send me contact details of the person with whom i can disucss in detail. thanks Shekhar mehta shekharmehta@vinshek.com VINSHEK, INDIA

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2020-04-30 13:16:02
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2020-04-29 13:45:42
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Dear Sir We are a systems integrator from India and are looking for reliable suppliers. We are in requirement of an long term association for supply of below products RF Products 1 Rg-6 Connector (local, compressed and crimping) 2 RG-11 Connector (local, compressed and crimping) 3 TAPS – 2 way, 4 ways & Splitters 2 way and 4 way ( all will be water proof) Fibre Products 1 Patch Cord 2 Coupler 3 WDM Coupler 4 Tiffin Box 5 Enclouser 6 Patch Panel 7 Terminaion box - 2,3,4 way 8 Encloser - 12, 24 and 48 SFP Kindly let us know the prices and the moq. We will require some sample quantities first for testing and then we can purchase on our OEM branding. Regards, Santosh K. +91-9676015678

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2020-04-27 11:35:51
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling ssmms -25 gsm..white ... 175 mm /10 tones/month r anupghosh_25@yahoo.com whatsapp 0091 9903216699

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2020-04-24 17:56:02
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2020-04-22 20:25:47
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Dear Sirs, we URGENTLY need to have a quoattion for the products needed to produce hospital masks. noSpunbond white 25gsm width 19.5CM SMS blue 25gsm width 17.5CM Melblown BFE 95 25gsm width 17.5CM nose wire 3mm earloop 3mm please inform minimum qty , net price and aproximate delivery time. best regards Fernando Moreira

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2020-04-16 03:45:11
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Hello I have 4 device (sillicon controlled rectifier) and i want the circuit diagram and manual and explain all function for variables resistors on pcb Model....KDF 2000A/12V S/N...KJH2009101l

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2020-04-04 07:12:28
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I'm looking for laser cutter to cut glass. please contact me

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2020-03-04 18:12:27
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Please send me detail product specification,thank you! About Universal Pump

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2020-02-21 15:27:51
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I am based in Singapore, I have a production running flat face mask business. I am looking for 100% polypropylene for; a) Spunbond Nonwoven of 25GSM fabrics of width between 18-20cm (White and blue)? b) SS nonwoven polypropylene 20GSM, width between 18-20cm Do you have these? Best regards, Johnson Tel: +65 91083933 Email: johnson.yapwk@gmail.com

United States
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2020-02-19 15:37:30
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Sir I hope bearing import in my country Thanks

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2020-02-04 14:30:50
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Sir I hope bearing import in country

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2020-02-04 14:30:13
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Hello! My name is Svitlana. I am from Ukraine. I am looking for equipment for fiberglass mesh. My company in Ukraine is a producer of fiberglass mesh. The most urgent question: we are looking for printing logo on fiberglass mesh machine  Requirements to machine which prints logo on fiberglass mesh: Variant #1 Separate machine for printing logo on mesh. Width of mesh - 1 m. So that we can put jumbo rolls (500 meters) with mesh of 1 m width, the mesh will be unwound, go through the logo print, and then wound into rolls of 50 meters. Variant #2 We are ready to consider the whole new coating line for fiberglass mesh together with printing machine which will be built in this coating line. Width of mesh for processing is up to 2,20 m. In this equipment mesh will be coated with glue, dried and after that logo will be printed on it and after that mesh will be cut into 2 rolls (1 meter width and 50 meter length for each roll).If you have such coating line or separate printing logo machine, please give us quotation for it. Also we are ready to consider: - beaming machine for fiberglass yarn (up to 2.20 m width of beam together with a creel for 1000 spools),  - weaving looms for fiberglass mesh (for weaving width up to 2.20 m with mesh sizes - 5*5 mm, 4*5 mm, 4*4 mm, leno weaving)  - cutting machine for ready fiberglass mesh (to put jumbo rolls 2 meters width and 2000 meters length and they will be cutted and wound inro rolls 1 m width and 50 meters length).  In general we are ready to buy complete production line for fiberglass mesh (from beaming to packaging machine for rolls) which will give us an opportunity to reduce cost of ready fiberglass mesh.  I will be waiting for your answer. -- Best regards,Svitlana HomoliaHead of Foreign Trade Department TradeHouse “LATYMER” LTD. Tel. +38 050 877 64 97 (Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat),         +38 068 578 41 78Skype:  swetlana.sumyE-mail: latymer2018@gmail.com,            marketing@latymer.ua Web:  http://latymer.ua/?en 

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2020-02-04 14:20:23
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good day I contacted sally was attending me I spend a budget to my email tuvinilts@gmail.com but I have not been able to contact to make the payment with whom I communicate my name is holman graterol from caracas venezuela

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2020-01-07 02:53:33
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2020-01-03 18:16:12
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9822330934 my we chate no pls contact me

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2019-12-30 21:50:29
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hello , am your client and i need your help on printer software

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2019-12-18 23:43:00
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Hi, I'm Gerardo Marabolí from the Wellford Chile Spa company in the country Chile Years ago we commissioned you with a job and we want to evaluate you to do it again with you. My e-mail: gmaraboli@wellford.cl

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2019-12-10 21:38:19
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Hello, May I have an email address to the person who is from the Export Department, please? Best Regards, Dagmara Kanoniak

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United Kingdom
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2019-12-05 00:46:29
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It Is wayne from elite pack .

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2019-11-15 10:33:19
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