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Inquiry About Zhengzhou Solon Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-04-18 11:58:20
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Inquiry About Zhengzhou Solon Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.2019-04-18 11:58:20
Dear producers Solon Machinery equipment!

We appeal to you in order to create long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships! Our company is interested in reliable suppliers of equipment for the implementation of projects in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. We are an engineering company that implements projects in the field of energy and production. An analysis of the transport pallet production market in our countries showed remarkable prospects for the sale of equipment for the manufacture of pressed pallets, blocks and their components. Today we have a base of suppliers of the necessary raw materials at competitive prices, we have a group of commissioning engineers and equipment maintenance. And most importantly, we have potential customers to purchase equipment. Already today we receive offers from intermediaries from China, but we are interested in open collaboration directly with equipment manufacturers.


To start cooperation, we ask you to submit an offer with a description and price for the following equipment:

The line for the production of extruded blocks 100 mm by 100 mm

(crusher for wood, drying oven, mixer, press, automatic block cutting device). We ask you to describe in detail all the components of the line, indicating all the technical parameters and prices. Rotating dryer with a capacity of 1 tons of sawdust per hour. The initial humidity of sawdust is 45-55%. The required humidity of sawdust is 7-10%. The fuel for the drying furnace is coal or sawdust. The capacity of the line is 10 cubic meters per day.

Hope for our cooperation.

Chief manager of engineering company"Energy Plus"

Nikolay Kabanov.
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