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  • 2016-07-05 20:12:48
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AUST.RAIL.IA2016-07-05 20:12:48
To the Managing Director

My name is Jimmy Dioguardi, I live in the suburb of Ringwood, state of Victoria, Australia, I'm an inventor.
I've designed a product which has tremendous application & a world and Australia wide market ! and have a Provisional Patent in place. 

To put it simply it is The ' Worlds First ' Portable All-Purpose Rail   I call it the:

It can be used indoors or outdoors as a :
  handrail   -   (situations up to 1 m high or less above the ground or floor surface)
 a simple rail 
 a vehicle barrier-(all) 
 a general purpose barrier
 a 'space-restoring' storage or shelving utility and 
 even as an indoor-outdoor sitting/standing Aid.
The fascination is that it is fixed at one end only - (the mounting surface) eliminating the need for a support post !    WOW
It can be installed in less than 10 minutes
Adjusts to all angles for - stairs, ramps, slopes, gradients and a sitting-standing Aid.
It's telescopic:    750 mm-1850 mm    (Prototype)     
Transferable   &   'space-restoring'      (Amazing)
Portable    -     (Unbelievable)
Floor mountable  -  (sitting-standing Aid)
Provisional Patent plans meet up to date compliance.
I have designed a transferable pocket ('KAYO-POCKET') which allows the rail to be installed anywhere on the floor or wall, then it simply slides out and can be moved to another pocket as needed ! (Sensational)

  Initially it was designed it for residential use IE. situations up to 1 m high or less above the ground or floor surface, however with natural involvement it truly has Unlimited Applications ! e.g.
 Nursing Homes  
 Medical practice rooms  
 Disability and Aged Care service providers
 Residential uses
 Boats & Marine
 Industrial (warehouses) as a 'space-restoring'storage or shelving utility
 Commercial - (Aircraft) &  
 Anywhere space is a premium & the list goes ON and ON and ON !!
 A simple example of how it applies to a car & all types of vehicle security is that it can be used as an extremely low - cost garage door alternative, for e.g. by attaching the 'Kayo-Pocket' to a carport post/wall or similar structure etc,  i think you get the idea !
There really is no limit to its application !  You could say i have taken a common rail,  Superseded  it and added Twin Turbo Charges !

I am confident this amazing product will be extremely helpful & very profitable. The reason being unlike any other product it has many, many markets !  you could say its niche market is the market !!
This is not a flash in the pan invention - 'It will revolutionize the common rail as we know it !  & i am prepared to give the product 100% commitment, until the time that it is up and running.  My aim is to sell 100,000 units initially &  would like the product to aim for a lifetime warranty/guarantee !

 I figure the next step is producing simple working drawings,  next securing the Australian Patent and then the finished prototype is to be manufactured and tes
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