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Inquiry About Foshan Ciao Furniture Co., Ltd.
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  • 2018-09-08 02:57:51
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Inquiry About Foshan Ciao Furniture Co., Ltd.2018-09-08 02:57:51
We are a UK-based company whom are looking at expanding into the garden furniture market. We are in the process of trying to establish a partnership with a manufacturer, such as yourselves, that can reliably supply rattan and wooden garden furniture at a sustainable price. 
As part of our product research we have come across your company and we would like to know more about:
·        The products that you are able to supply to a UK-based company,
·        The specifications of your products – UV protection, foam density, frame materials, etc. 
·        Guarantees of your products, 
·        Relevant health and safety specifications – UK fire retardant standards, toughened glass, etc. 
·        Your process for shipping to the UK,
·        Estimated shipping costs per unit. 
I would be extremely grateful if you could provide me with any information pertaining to the above as this will assist us greatly with our product research. We are very keen on developing a long-term partnership with a company that can reliably meet the needs of our business and, more importantly, help us meet the needs and high expectations of our customers. 

Thanks and kind regards, 

Mr Chris Highton
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