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I would send you order. Please send me e-mail address for our order.

Russian Federation
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2023-05-17 17:07:15
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Hello , dear partner. Our company Broddway RS  is supplier  of spare parts , machinery and equipment for air ports . We are would like to start cooperation with you . Do you have partner in Russia ? We are intrested   model airport anti-icing vehicle Please  send me data sheet , delivery terms and price . Estimated delivery time until September 1, 2024 in Russia. Will be used for the Suchoy  SuperJet. We take a part in the exhibition CTT Expo 2023, in May in Moscow.  I will send the invitation next mail . Will you come to this exhibition? Best regards , Lydia Eremenko Broddway RS 

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2023-05-11 14:12:43
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Can you please send quotation for Wine Cooler spare part Model No HOMEINNO 2015/11/10

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2023-04-29 17:37:34
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Hi, we need your contact information (email address) in order to send you the drawings to see if you can manufacture spindle shafts for our rolling mill. Thank you, Carlos Ontiveros Mechanical Maintenance Planner Vinton Steel

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2023-04-25 01:08:29
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Please need your product urgently contact me
I need product when you contact me I will send the detail I need
I need quotation urgently

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2023-03-27 16:10:02
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Please send me more about the product price. My WhatsApp number . Wait for you. Thanks you.

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2023-03-27 15:10:01
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i need quotation for some product to aircraft my whatsap number 

IP : 41.82.134.**
2023-03-24 20:19:51
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We are looking at buying some GSE
1.We need a high lift loader for loading aircraft containers
We need 2 x belt loader than can service B787, A320, B777 etc
We need 2 x baggage tugs
We need container dollies about 20 each
We need a lavatory cart than can service the above aircarfts
We need 15 x ULD Container Storage Racks
We need 1 x Water cart that can service the above aircafts

IP : 110.5.115.**
2023-03-24 04:00:02
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. At the moment, my client is asking for a solution for transporting pallets of goods from warehouse to production. Attached is the floor plan. In short, you need to transport pallets with goods from 4-6 points, indicated by red arrows and dots, to one point for production, marked with a blue dot. Single flow at the receiving point 20 pallets/hour. We offer a solution with a robot that pulls pallet trucks. For an example, see the link of the American manufacturer. https://disk.yandex.ru/i/wLCnfVkH8rqNEg or such solution 

Russian Federation
IP : 46.31.26.**
2023-03-17 19:06:58
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HI, we are looking for AGV and conveyor system for our fabric mill, pls adv if you can supply pls reply to 

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2023-03-17 15:34:53
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Dear Sir/Madam We are based in East Africa and our headquarters in UK, we here by request to have a long term business with your esteemed company. Currently, we wish to purchase the following product (s) below from your company;  ASPARTAME POWDER (Food grade) ORDER QUANTITY: 2X20FCL Quote us prices CIF Mombasa seaport Kenya. Thanks and regards..

IP : 41.191.79.**
2023-03-17 03:15:27
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Dear Mr. Hanbin Wu, We are a German company in Hong Kong. Our headquarter MTS Group is a well-known importer and retailer in Germany. We are looking for potential suppliers of screws and nails for our sister company in Switzerland. Can you send us the catalogue and price list for checking? 

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2023-03-01 15:43:46
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Hello, I'm Kim J from OJC Commerce in Korea. I am interested in your product and want to ask about your product. Please contact me.

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2023-02-16 16:34:45
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Dear Sir / Madam, Our company request a commercial offer for your products. Looking forward to your reply. With Regards,

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2023-02-15 21:37:35
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Please send me more about the product price. A16H09

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2023-02-15 12:32:46
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. 

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2023-02-13 23:10:59
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. Surge Arrester 12kV 10kA with insulating bracket, disconnector YH10W-12/36 10000

IP : 185.191.166.**
2023-02-09 17:51:17
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Я хотел бы приобрести вашу продукцию. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной

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2023-01-27 20:56:17
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Dear Sir, I look for Fargo 751 gas mantles 300-400cp. I need 8 boxes of 25 mantle pcs = 200 mantles total. Available? What price incl. delivery by DHL to Germany? Many Thanks. kind regards Peter

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2023-01-12 01:29:31
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I'm looking for a machine to deposit chocolate clusters. Thank You

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2023-01-06 02:30:29
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Hello Anna Wu works for you. I am from Tashkent, we bought equipment from you

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2022-12-20 23:01:24
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Busco reductor GK-60K

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2022-11-04 10:38:50
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Good afternoon! Our factory is located in Russia. Interested in purchasing solid ink for a UV printer (photo in the attachment). Now we buy them from a supplier in Russia, we are aiming at direct cooperation with ink manufacturers. Do you produce the ink we are interested in? What is the price of 1l.?

Russian Federation
IP : 85.237.32.**
2022-10-07 20:38:47
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. for AC/DC current probe E3N, my required qty is 2 pcs Regards Omer Harooni

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2022-09-22 20:04:45
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