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  • Wenling City Willama Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Russian Federation
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2023-05-11 21:19:24
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Hello Please, I am interested in buying your product. Kindly send me your product price list for immediate purchase. Regards. Daiane Noele Purchase  Manager

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2023-04-22 15:13:32
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Copper Coil Pancake Item No. Description Qty. 1 1/4" * 0.026"*15M 100 2 1/4" * 0.030*15M 150 3 5/16" * 0.028*15M 100 4 3/8" * 0.028*15M 150 5 3/8" * 0.03*15M 100 6 1/2" * 0.03*15M 60 7 1/2" * 0.032*15M 100

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  • xiamen boland refrigeration equipment company
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2023-03-31 16:01:13
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Please send me an email if this company is real and valid. Order for Horizontal Split volute casing centrifugal pump SOW300-330IB

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2023-03-22 15:34:09
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1. Monoline sizes 40 to 300lbs plus 600lbs2. Mustad type single/circle/double hooks sizes 10 to 1 3. Line sinkers/weight4. Swivels 10-200lbs5. Snaps yellowfin/shark size6. Squid skirts7. Diving glass snorkel and spearguns8. Tuna rods n reels.9. Gill nets and floats10. Shark Gaffs and landing net.
Also deep drop lights

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2023-03-08 10:00:02
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Please i need to buy tuna fishing raw materials and tools

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2023-03-08 09:50:02
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Request for Quotation for the items below. Alfa Test Columns (narrow bored)- Qty 5x25 Columns Alfa Test Columns (wide bored)- Qty 5x25 Columns AOZ Columns- Qty 5x25 Columns Alfa Test Developer- Qty 5x50mL Fumoni Test Developer A- Qty 5x15mL Fumoni Test Developer B- Qty 2x0.5mL Mycotoxins Calibration Standard- Qty 1 Pack Fumoni Test Calibration Standards- Qty 1 Pack Disposable Culture Tubes (12x75mm)- Qty 5 Boxes 2mL Disposable Syringes- Qty ~500 0.2um Disposable Syringe Filters- Qty ~500 50mL Glass Measuring Cylinders- Qty 10

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2023-03-01 13:57:10
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I want multilayer multiwall.paper bag machine for cement bag

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2023-02-17 23:46:05
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S'il vous plaît envoyez-moi un catalogue et des prix.

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  • Ningbo Yinzhou Haixin Industrial Developing Co., Ltd.
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2023-02-09 18:25:55
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Dear Sir/Madame, Hope this email finds you well. We are interested in purchasing Caterpillar parts on regular basis. Please kindly let us know your criteria for cooperation, normal processing time, terms, wholesale discounts. Do you provide a spreadsheet with the parts in stock? 

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  • Tiger (China) Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd
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2023-01-26 22:39:14
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We are interested in your multilayer paper bag machine One for Canada and one for India Please send detail Manmohan Singh tuteja Pack universe

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2023-01-21 17:32:00
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I am interested in two layer and three layer bag machine, please contact me on whats app number 

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2022-12-17 01:43:52
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We have sent rwo inquiry for complete line for cement paper bag production Can you please reply fast. Thank you so much

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2022-12-12 20:50:35
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needed Air conditioning double-layer drain pipe Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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  • xiamen boland refrigeration equipment company
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2022-12-03 21:56:21
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Hello Ms Amanda yu We are Gloss and Reiter co.Ltd, the #1 producer of inox toweldryers in Belarus. I'm Deema, purchaser. We are looking for heting cord supplier in China. Please give me a contact to send an order.

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  • Jiangyin Senphus Electrical Material Co.,Ltd
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2022-11-28 20:56:31
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ustedes tienen certificados de calidad

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2022-08-18 00:07:08
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Dear Sir/Madam.This is Mr.Fikret Tanyas from Turkey.I have been in paper packaging machinery business for long time.One of my customers is asking cement bag production machine and they kindly asked me to search for them.May I have more information about that machine if you have it?Best regards.

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2022-08-05 02:41:06
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Hi, I need a quote of 2 pç BSDbm20001300. Thank you!

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  • Ningbo Tansuo Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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2022-07-29 11:21:46
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We are currently wanting to Buy Boxes of the Original Normal Older Cranberry Evolve 300 Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves ( 3300 Series ) ... We would like to Buy ONE ( 1 ) Million to Five ( 5 ) Million Boxes with the first purchase transaction ... We have an FDA # also can place up an SBLC so we can import or we can Buy OTG product. What is the process and the price per box? We currently have Boxes of Cranberry Evolve 300 CT ( Chemo Tested ) Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves ( 3400 Series ) .... We will NOT Buy these Boxes ( 3400 Series ) as we have all that we want to Buy ....  My e mail

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2022-07-23 06:19:30
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Please send me more about the product price. Egg tray.

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2022-07-11 13:25:22
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Good day. My name is Oleg, I represent Agrochim Technologies Ltd. We are from Ukraine. We are building our own production of plant protection products. We are interested in your products, namely: TEVA 4204-30 (APG) TEVA 1204 TEVA 0206-B TEVA 7245-C TEVA 7250-B TEVA 7218-Q TEVA 7206-G TEVA 8220/8220-C / 8220-H TEVA 4207 We would like to know the price of these products. and invite samples from you. Please contact me. 

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2022-06-27 14:18:55
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Can you please send me a price and delivery time to Inner Mongolia, Erlian city for below item and catalogue for your best-selling products. VALVE,GATE;SEAT RESILIENT;4MM;100DN AWWA C515 1ea Tsolmon

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2022-05-16 17:52:57
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Hello, we looking for paper sack bottomer. Best regards Vasil Vasilev Sackmarket.com

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2022-05-10 00:42:13
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Could you pls contact me about machine for producing paper sacks double layer with valve.  Marjan Monevski Skopje Republic North Makedonija

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2022-04-29 19:08:50
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