I'm very interested in the message 'Ningbo Suto Auto Equipment Co., Ltd' on the China Supplier

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I'm very interested in the message 'Ningbo Suto Auto Equipment Co., Ltd' on the China Supplier
  • n.ubonrat
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  • 2016-07-05 20:09:48
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I'm very interested in the message 'Ningbo Suto Auto Equipment Co., Ltd' on the China Supplier2016-07-05 20:09:48
dear sir : 
my name is niramon ubonrat ,and i would like to recieve some information regarding your tunel car wash .this car wash will instaled in shenyang city chaina . i am an investor ,and i willbe traveling to chaina in next several months . so i would like to recieve very accuret info .  from your company before coming to chaina regarding such a investment. i am interested in this model : ST-360A tunel car wash.

no.1 : how much this will coast me to purchase from you.

no.2 : how does handle the instalation of this car wash . is this done by you ,or another outfit.   

no.3  : what kind of warrantee you provide form time of purchase ,or instalaition of this equipment .

no.4  : do you handel financing ,or do you know of any financial instution who does handel financing for such as tunel car wash .

no.5  : do you carrey central industrial grad vquom cleaner in order to vquom inside of cars.

no.6  : what is the minimum amount of real estate by squer meter for this model car wash to be fitted.

no.7  : in case of brake down of any equipment ,who caarries the spare parts , your company handeles that ,or someone eles

no.8  : do you carry bill changing machine to convert paper bills to coin for such a business for customer.

no.9  : does this car wash can be operated by credit cards ,or prepaid cards as wellas coin ,and paper money whitin local currencies.

no.10  : what is the rate of wash only . per car presently using tunel car wash in chainies currencies.

p.s. i did fined you via internet ,and i am looking forward to recieve your catalog and any other information that has been asked in 10 above questios. once i recieve your information via mail i will be in toch with you for farther business with your company in chaina.

my  e  mail address is  :  bert.shiraz@yahoo.com

my  mailing adress to recieve your packet of information is:

n.  ubonrat
14417 chase st. no. 385
panorama city  california  u.s.a  91402

looking forward to here from you soon.
kindly  n.ubonrat
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