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Yes I need 50 bottles 10 milliliter

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2023-09-23 04:20:02
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

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2023-09-21 23:41:19
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Hello, Can you send me your best price offer for 20ft and 10ft container in color black please. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Sanne

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2023-06-30 16:02:36
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Low Viscosity Fibers Cationic Softener Flakes and Dyeing House Softener RT-L

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2023-06-28 18:58:26
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2023-06-24 23:40:02
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-06-21 14:41:15
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-05-25 17:11:30
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Hello there
I need to buy spare parts

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2023-05-19 17:10:01
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I need spare parts for billboards sold by you

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2023-05-19 17:03:48
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do you have A179 tubes available

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2023-05-17 17:22:55
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Dear Sir/Madam Our company, North Star Pharmaceutical Company based in Ethiopia and Djibouti are interested in your Latex Surgical Gloves. I have attached a picture of your gloves – please check attachment, which we are interested. Also advise if you have powder Free Nitrile Examination gloves. We are first interested in ordering initial order of 20ft. Payment will be 30%TT Advance and 70% after copy of BOL. Please check attachments and advise. Thank you for the co-operation Regards Bineyam

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2023-05-12 00:47:44
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me Looking for Brake master cylinder oem spares For TOYATO CAMRY 2018-2019 Hybrid 47050-33340- brake master cylinder – L5 47050-33320 -brake master cylinder – M5 47070-33070-brake booster pump

United Arab Emirates
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2023-03-06 15:10:42
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Hello, We want to buy mat boards one 20 feet container,  Please contact on my email or whats app no 

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2023-02-25 17:44:13
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-01-18 19:01:47
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2022-12-07 23:49:49
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Dear Mr Chengdong Yu Could you do me the favor of quoting and providing me with the specifications of gear speed reducer Dong ba model X939 Our company is Equipos para Envasado S.A. in Mexico I appreciate your attention and I await your information. Best regards Enrique Romero

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2022-11-12 00:53:48
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2022-11-11 22:16:04
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2022-10-14 19:30:31
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.} Please cite the following Komatso 750 engine parts They can be original parts or spare parts Please provide an email address where I can contact you

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2022-08-25 14:27:26
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. We are a leading importers of Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes. Kindly send me your email address, so I can give you my inquiry. Regards Humayun Saeed

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2022-08-24 18:16:44
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Attn: Export Sales Below is our requirement for shipments in October/November for Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes, ASTM A106 Gr.B, Bevelled Ends, Schedule-40. Each pipe is 6.00/6.096 meters. Kindly quote your best C&F per ton prices. Size 2" and above are all bevelled ends and below 2" are cut ends. All pipes should be black painted with plastic caps at both ends. N.B       Quantity (Pcs) 1.1/2"      =   250 2"            =   350 3"            =   100 4"            =   250 6"            =   250 8"            =   150 10"           =   50 12"           =   25 12" (9.53) =   30 We have come to know about your good factory through the internet. For your information we have been importing seamless pipes from China for almost 30 years. Thanks & Regards Akhter Saeed Pioneer Steel Corporation / Delta Industrial Supplies Abdullah Haroon Trust Building, Captain Rafique Shaheed Road, New Challi, Karachi - 74000 Pakistan.

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2022-08-22 17:15:22
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hello. I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. our interested in used vending machine for multi use/ice cream/ can-pet mc with japan origin etc..

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2022-08-20 11:03:47
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Dear Sir, We are interested in PHOTO MOUNT MATT BOARD Size : 30 " x 42 "   &  32 " x 44 ' Thickness : 1.2 mm  & 1.4 mm Quantity : about 7-8 M/tons on a regular basis . Shall appreciate if you could send the sample swatch along enabling us to select the items and send you our requirements enabling you to quote the best CIF price. Best Regards B K GANDHI 

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2022-08-18 14:23:12
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Please I need your company email address
Please I need your company email address

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2022-07-22 23:00:03
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