Inquiry About china supplier 12V hydraulic solenoid valve 24v

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Inquiry About  china supplier 12V hydraulic solenoid valve 24v
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  • 2023-01-30 16:43:01
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Inquiry About china supplier 12V hydraulic solenoid valve 24v2023-01-30 16:43:01

Dear Sir/Madam This is Hosein Yaghooti from thunderbolt General trading company in is my big pleasure to know you by this email. Please send me your competitive quotation and delivery date for below needed items in case of availability: Solenoid valve: 1)part number: SY9220-5DD-03   (SMC BRAND) specification:0.1∼0.7 MPA, 24VDC, 21MA QTY:10PCS 2) PART NUMBER: 579-441  (REXROTH) Specs: 67MA, 24VDC, SIZE: 1/4" QTY: 5 PCS 3) PART NUMBER: V581-5/CC-024DC-11-2P22-HBX-PA-C-T1  (REXROTH  OR AVENTICS BRAND) Specs: 10BAR, 24VDC QTY: 8PCD 4) PART NUMBER: BE1M-2 ( VESTA- STASTO) Specs: 5VA, 24V, 22MA, SIZE:1.2" QTY: 4 PCS 5) PART NUMBER: 2W-50 Specs: 0∼10BAR, 220V,  SIZE:2"  QTY: 6 PCS 6) PART NUMBER: 609500/671M   (MV AUTOMATION) CODE: QC3.124.BB 0.671 Specs: 10W, 10VA, 24VDC, SIZE:1.4" QTY: 4 PCS 7) PART NUMBER: 0159-42914-1-001   (SUCO BRAND) Specs: 2∼20 BAR, 2A,  24/240V DC/AC QTY: 4 PCS 8) PART NUMBER: SCFF- E210 D002    (ASCO BRAND) Specs: 24VDC, SIZE:1/2", 7∼35BAR QTY:4 PCS 9) PART NUMBER: XY720 Specs: 1A, 24/240V, DC/AC,   QTY" 4PCS 10) PART NUMBER: 8494406.81.1   (BOGE BRAND) Specs: 12W, 24V, 1∼14BAR , SIZE: 1.2" QTY: 4PCS

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