Need a cartridge heater 12V

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Need a cartridge heater 12V
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  • 2023-03-19 09:21:06
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Need a cartridge heater 12V2023-03-19 09:21:06

Hello, I'm a student, Ricardas. What would be the cost to buy MOQ of heater cartridges with these specifications for my school's R&D trials? If it is possible to buy a cheaper standard cartridge that fits within specifications, please say so. I don't know if customization costs way more than standard dimensions. 1. 150-165mm length (bigger is better) 2. 8–12 mm diameter (smaller is better) 3. 12-14.8 V voltage range 4. 250W@12.6V (nichrome mostly wound at the farthest end of the heater from the threads, heating mostly the tip)  5. A K-type thermocouple is installed near the tip of the cartridge (closer to the thread side than the nichrome, near the tip where more nichrome is wound). 6. 1/2" BSPP threads (I can make an adapter if any smaller thread is used) 7. Preferrably wires with silicone insulation  8. Wire length: 20-30cm I'm in Lithuania, Klaipeda (city), LT93168 (postal code). What would be the price of the MOQ, and what is the shipping time and cost to me?

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