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Dear  Sir/ Mrs , We have an inquiry of GT SONIC  that details are below: 1-Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine Type:GT 1730QTS 3L Qty:1 It would be appreciated if you send us your kind offer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards.

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2023-09-13 16:57:57
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Dear Sir, Please offer your best exclusive basis FOB prices please suggest  your offer/type according to below specs SINGLE TANK ULTRASONIC CLEANER  24KW Heating power :24kw or nearest propose Heating : Constant temperature heating Accessories : Wheels, Baskets, Lid, Inlet valve, Drain valve Ultrasonic directions: Three sides Voltage/Power Supply 220V/380V/415V/440V optional Material: Stainless steel Grade : AISI 304/316L or proposed Applications: Carbon clean; Oil, grease, fouls clean; 

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2023-05-25 15:03:50
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Please send me detail product specification,thank you! - Please Ceramic ring(tube) piezoactuator specification for material

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2023-04-21 15:56:48
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Dear Ms. Iris Li, I hope you are keeping well. I got your contact details from one of my friends which they had worked with you previously. We are looking for below products: 1- 33 KHz 60W P8 ultrasonic transducer (4 units) 2- 33 KHz 150W ultrasonic PCB with display board (4 units) Please let us know the price as well as delivery time. 

Russian Federation
IP : 213.109.192.**
2023-03-28 20:16:40
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  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 4.5L Electronic Components Glasses Lab Hardware Small Parts PCB Board Ultrasound Bath Washer
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2023-03-23 01:06:43
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2022-08-24 15:02:13
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me Ultrasonic washing machine (Gasoline) for BMC molds 1 m*3 dimension 2000 Liters capacity.

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2022-08-13 18:41:30
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Dear Ms. Angelia Chang This is H.R. Hatami (Mr.)  from Afagh Khodro Motor company . We are a leading manufacturing company in the field of auto brake pads ,brake shoes and brake Disc  in Iran. We are manufacturing and distributing a wide range of auto brake pads , shoes and discs in Iran market and we are going to expand our production line in near future. For this reason we are going to import the related machineries which used in braking system production line. So you are requested to let us have the list of all your machineries which used in  auto brake system production line. 

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2022-06-26 17:23:45
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Dear Please give me your email Waiting for you answer

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2022-04-07 14:12:51
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Dear sir/Ma'am I am looking for 20kHz, AC200-240V+-10% single phase 50/60Hz (Input Power) Ultrasonic Generator to be shipped to Hong Kong. I would like to know the data of the Ultrasonic generator such as the output power and consumption current (if the power can be varied). I would also like a quotation for the generator (including the shipping and other additional charges) and the estimated lead time in the current pandemic situation. Regards Rakshtih Kotrappa

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2022-03-21 12:53:23
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!
Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.We need a 500 ltr ultrasonic engine price quotation.I'll share my WhatsApp number, If you have interested then knock me we will talk details by mail
We need a 500 ltr ultrasonic engine price quotation.I'll share my WhatsApp number, If you have interested then knock me we will talk details by mail

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2022-03-13 19:00:02
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Please send us your contact details we need to send you request for Quotation

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2021-12-09 00:14:49
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Ultrasonic Cleaner ,Model; UD320SH-6LQPower 320WTank Internal Dimensions (297×147×150)mm

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2021-12-08 15:53:12
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Hello, dear Mr./Mrs.! My name is Anton Karpov. I'm sales manager from Torr Equipment supply. The headquarter of our company is located in the Ekaterinburg, Russia. Also we have branch offices in St. Petersburg and Kazan. The company specializes in full research and industrial laboratory equipment as well as reagent consumables supply. One of our customer from Russia interested in ultrasonic cleaner. Required model is ARS-FSJ800. Could you give us the quotation on these type of cleaner on FOB basis? Please, indicate the shipping weight and dimensions. Our company can organize delivery, custom clearance to Russia. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. We are glad to contact to your company and looking forward for long-term relationships.

Russian Federation
IP : 85.12.193.**
2021-10-13 13:05:30
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We require a washing machine for Engine valves . Please contact us on urgent basis. We have your old offer, this project has been reinitiated, therefore, fresh quote is required. With Regards Ashutosh Bhatnagar India +91 9680590221 +91 7732968007

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2021-08-06 13:34:17
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UD200SH-6L ultrasonic cleaner. I need the control panel: UD5080150SH PLEASE GIVE ME A PRICE??

IP : 41.13.12.**
2021-07-17 16:53:53
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  • Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • GT SONIC Digital ultrasonic cleaner china ultrasonic cleaner for motherboard cleaning dental ultrasonic cleaner
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2021-05-12 15:32:49
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NEED POWER SUPPLY FOR A 100S. can you supply schematic diagram
NEED POWER SUPPLY FOR A 100S. can you supply schematic diagram

  • Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • JP-100S Ultrasonic Cleaner(industry) hardware parts/circuit board/lab work piece cleaning machine
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2020-09-10 09:30:02
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I need new Main board to My cleaner so i have that
Main bord to My cleaner SDQ045 I need new My is broken

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2020-07-31 18:40:02
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2020-05-23 17:36:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?Hellopl give me price for VGT-2013QTD .Do you have any dealer at UAE ?
pls send me whatsapp on 00971507848217

United Arab Emirates
IP : 86.98.22.**
2020-01-08 15:20:02
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Dear Sirs, I have that cleaner sj5-2lg, but is not working. I mind the water tank is broken. Is any chance to buy this tank in Your company or maybe you know where's the spare schop or service for this machine? Best regards, Jakub.

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2019-12-31 14:43:01
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I'm interested in your product,if you could send me more data I appreiciate this.

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2019-12-27 20:13:58
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2019-11-17 20:36:33
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