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Polyester binding tape
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Polyester binding tape2019-10-25 21:42:40
Dear Eric,

My name is Maksim Borstchov. I represent Senat LLC company in Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus. We are selling fabrics, sewing accessories and tapes etc to our clients in Belarus.
Now we are looking for binding tapes for matresses (Please check the pictures attached). Please note that they must be non-elastic, non glued (like vliseline or as some other lining materials), there should not be the line in the middle for folding of the tape. It should be just 100% polyester tape used as binding tape for the edges of the mattresses, blankets or furniture.
The widths of this tape that we need are 32mm, 40 mm, 23 mm and 16 mm. The colours: white, black and colourfull. The density of the tape with width of 32 mm is 3,2 g/m (the density with other width should be proportional to the weight of tape with width of 32 mm)
Could you please write the prices on terms FOB Ningbo and EXW for this very tape regarding the following quantity:
32 mm: white colour - 100 000 metres, black colour - 100 000 metres, colourful 30 000 - 40 000 metres.
23 mm: white colour - 100 000 metres, black colour - 100 000 metres, colourful 30 000 - 40 000 metres
40 mm: white colour - 100 000 metres, black colour - 100 000 metres, colourful 30 000 - 40 000 metres
16 mm: white colour - 100 000 metres, black colour - 100 000 metres, colourful 30 000 - 40 000 metres
Please count them separately from each other. As the client may prefer for example only 32 mm - 100 000 metres of white or 16 mm 40 000 metres of colourfull. We know that we are planning to take them all, buit not within one time. That is why we need you to count them separately.
Please note once again that we need prices both on terms FOB NINGBO and on terms EXW as we may take the goods from the port and sometimes we can take the tapes by the airplane when it is very urgent!
As there are many competitors in Belarus and there are companies who produce this materials for beans (very cheap. Approx. 0,007 USD/meter) and we can't compete with them, we need the price at least 0.0057 USD/meter on terms FOB Ningbo (but better the less price). But in any case not bigger price.
Probably you can offer some variants that suit this price that I mentioned. It will be good in case you can also send the pictures for these tapes the prices for which you will send to me.
PLEASE SEND THE PRICES DIRECTLY TO MY EMAIL (Not to my account on alibaba): supply-senat@yandex.ru
IN THIS CASE I CAN REPLY IMMEDIATELY. In case you send the prices to my account on alibaba, it may need 1-2 days in order I can reply, because the alibaba slows down the fuctionality on my computer. And we need the prices and to start work with the order of the material (in case you can provide good prices) as soon as possible
We have already bought this tape from our supplier (manufacturer). But now he is busy with the orders until the end of November and we can't loose time. In case you can advice us the prices that are the same (or less) regarding 32 mm and proportional regarding other widths than our target price and in case the samples will be good we can start working with you on contact conditions. In case we can't find such a quality and prices we shall be waiting for our previous supplier. So we have a chance to work together! 
Waiting for your prices and information!
Could you please send an email to me in order I can send you the pictures of the materials that we are looking?

Senat LLC
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