INQUIRY about ISO 8124/ ASTM Toy Test Equipment 45 degree flammability tester

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INQUIRY about ISO 8124/ ASTM Toy Test Equipment 45 degree flammability tester
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  • 2019-04-11 20:34:37
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INQUIRY about ISO 8124/ ASTM Toy Test Equipment 45 degree flammability tester2019-04-11 20:34:37
Hello! To you the chief specialist laboratory testing of toys products at State Enterprise National Centre for Testing and Certification Agency "Uzstandard" Tashkent Uzbekistan. For further work and development laboratory for testing of electrical products, we need to purchase equipment. We ask you to assist in the delivery of equipment. Terms of Reference attached. 

toys flammability at 45 degrees
Waiting for your offer and a detailed description of the camera.
Dear Ivy Xie

Thanks a lot for your answer

We need equipment for testing toys for Flammability according ISO 8124-2 point 5,  with below characteristics:

1) Stainless steel chamber with glasses front part. Inner size: height - 1300 mm;  width - 1250 mm;  depth - 1250 mm
     Without drafts, air circulation should not depend on the quality of mechanical devices. Maintaining the temperature in the chamber 10-30 degrees,             relative humidity 15-80 %

2) The gas burner must be according by  ISO 6941 Annex A, operating on butane or propane. The burner should provide a flame size, the length of the flame can be adjusted (from 10 to 60) mm. the Burner consists of a gas nozzle, burner tube, flame stabilizer. The diameter of the orifice shall be (0,19±0,02)mm. The burner Tube shall consist of four zones: the air chamber, the zone of mixing of gas, the zone of dispersion (diffusion), the outlet. To connect the gas burner to the high-pressure cylinder, it is necessary to have a pressure reducer running on butane or propane in the kit. Must have Measuring calibrator flame height.

3) Tripod for fixing the burner at an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees

4) Sample holder kit 4 sets according to the normative document

5) Cleaning brush device 1 set

6) Cotton thread (maximum linear density 50 Tex)

7) Calibration plate 1 set

8) Cleaning device 1 set

9) Control sensor (with regulating flame height in millimeters and with time control (in seconds) when the gas burner is switched on).

The device must meet the following technical parameters:

-Flame height (10 to 60)mm

-Torch with tripod with 45º and 90º angle adjustment

-Gas burner running on butane or propane

-The temperature in the chamber 10 º C-30 º C (with cooling system)

-Turn-on time: 1sec or specified

-Operating voltage of the test rig: 220V, 50Hz.

If you have device can you send your commercial offer and technical characteristics 

Best Regards
Aziz Khakimov
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