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Dear Sir/Madam, Good day ! This is Engr. Zahid from Reliance High Tech Ltd. Reliance is one of the leading suppliers of Bangladesh. I'm looking for GSK controller NAME UNIT QTY PRICE 02. Driving Module GSK 983M, Model: XK 5025 DA 98D-15 / XK 5030 GD 2075 T-NP 1 GSK, China. ................................................................No 05 03. Driving Module For GSK 983M CNC Milling Machine, Model: XK 5030 DA 98D-23 / Model No GD 2050 T-NP 1 GSK, China. ................................................................No 05 06. AC Servo Drive With Servo Motor Servo Drive: Type GS2075 T, NP 1, Software Version: V 1.06, Out ional Motor: 175SJT-M180B (Y1), Input Power Supply: 3220V10%, 50/60Hz, (As per sample or equivalent) Servo Motor: Type 175 SJT-M180 B (Y1), Drive Unit Input Voltage : AC 220 V,3 Phase. Rated Current : 15 A, Rated Speed : 1500 r/min, Max. Speed : 2000 r/min, Insulation Level : F, Insulation Level : IP 65, Encoder Pulses (M) : 2500 p/r, GSK, China. .................................................................No 01 10. Servo Drive GS 2045 T - NP1, 3PH, 220V. 50/60Hz, V1.16 130 SJT - M 060 D (A), GSK China ...................................................................................No 01 11. Servo Drive GS 2025 T - NP1, 3PH, 220V. 50/60Hz,V1.16 130 SJT - M 040 D (A), GSK China. .................................................................No 01 - Regards, Engr. Zahid Sourcing Manager Reliance High Tech Ltd. 3rd floor, 1012/1, Jamtola More, East Shewrapra, Kafrul Dhaka-1216 Bangladesh Cell: +88017 888 88 746, +880181 638 1604 , +88 01717 23 23 54 Land Phone: +88 02 9033511 Email: sourcing@reliancehtech.com web: www.reliancehtech.com

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2020-03-03 19:33:00
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下午好。. 我们公司有兴趣购买面板直径为1600mm的ck5131数控车床,最大转速至少为每秒160转。 可以连接驱动工具("C"轴)。 与数控系统。

Russian Federation
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2020-02-10 19:20:16
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I'm Mr Worasit from Highland Industry, Thailand. We are leading Drinking Straw factory. We are interested to purchase more Toothpick wrapping machine which can print 2 colors minimum. Please feel free to contact me at WeChat: +66 927293555

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2019-10-08 16:11:27
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Пожалуйста, пришлите мне каталог и цены. интересует станок universal lathe-vertical turning lathe with DRO model СХ5231А

Russian Federation
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2019-09-19 23:16:38
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i am using Fecken-Kirfel GmbH & Co. KG 's horizontal slicing machine to cut rubberized cork sheets from blocks. i require its bond strip. do you provide it. if yes, then what will be the charge ?

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2019-08-26 20:56:40
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. you web pages not working. i have card from Jenny Zhou, but not answer..... please send contakt, i have inquiry, best regards, Donatas Zinkus

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2019-08-16 15:46:33
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Dear Sir/Madam, Hello We are KTC, Korea Technical Center co., Ltd., established in 1989, a lead of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) manufacture and exporter in South Korea. We export EDM Super Drill. Our products are highly accepted in the U.S.A. China and German etc. For more information, you can visit our web site, http://www.superdrill.co.kr ​We can also produce in OEM if your company requires it. We are open to various possibilities for sales. We confident that your business achievement with KTC EDM Super Drill base on the world best Quality correspondent with customers’ requirements and favorable price. We are currently looking for partners who can represent KTC machines in your country for sales and service. If you have the ability and willingness to handle our products, please do not hesitate to try. We are looking forward to your trial letter. Best regards.

South Korea
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2019-07-04 22:53:39
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!I interested on your downlight. How can i find more details?

  • LED Commercial Down Light
  • Faner BIS led downlight BIS certification Driver R-41033928 3w/6w/12w/18w/24w/36w
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2019-05-24 15:20:01
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Dear Sirs, We are looking for the vertical lather machine. Unfortunatelly there is no your email adress where I can send you technical description of the machine we need. In this case please send us your adress we can send you mail. Thanks in advance. Oleg Mironov JSC "AEROTECHGROUP", Russia , Moscow.

Russian Federation
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2019-04-09 16:11:36
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Hello   I contacted you to introduce our software. Please send your email account to send you a catalog. Thanks http://pvmanage.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/12591010/

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2019-02-24 15:07:06
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Good Day , We are a South African based company currently sourcing Vertical Turret Lathes for our sister company LSG Machine Tools who are machine tool dealers. Would you be so kind to provide a quotation for the following specification machines FOB and manufacturing period. We thank you and look forward to your favorable response. • 2x Single Column Turret 2.5 m Swing ,Height 1.2m or 1.5m NSK Bearings and Siemens motor. • 2x Single Column Turret 3.5 m Swing, Height 1.5m NSK Bearings and Siemens motor Regards Mathew Henderson Please include correspondence to 'sergio vagias'

South Africa
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2019-02-21 21:09:49
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me I need GSK-218M. - 1pcs wechat/whatsapp +998939235126 Dilshod Karimov

Czech Republic
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2019-02-13 11:43:48
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Dear Sir, I got your reference form the website. We want to venture into the tooth pick manufacturing here in Lagos, Nigeria. Need the following information about the machine. 1. Details of machine. (Sequential layout would be preferred) 2. Output of the machine. ( for 24 hrs production) 3. Bamboo sizes reqd to run the machine. ( Length and thickness) 4. 1 mt of Bamboo can give how many tooth pick for a pack of 100 pcs in a container. ( Scrap generation details) 5. Total space reqd for production. 6. What to do with the scraps? Can it be used for any other purposes. (Like powder scrap during the splitting.) 7. Electricity reqd for each machine. 8. COST of the complete machine. 9. Can the wood be used in the same machine instead of bamboo? 10. Manpower reqd for the production Regards, Ananthan IDDO PLASTICS LIMITED Plot 4c, Ijora cause way, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone : 234-1-7758959, 234-80-67008649 E mail : ananthan@interiddo.com tganandhan@yahoo.com website : www.interiddo.com

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2019-02-12 20:27:42
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Is it possible to buy less than 500 pcs. Maybe 100 pcs? Regards Vegar Eriksen

  • LED Commercial Down Light
  • 5W LED COB Indoor Gimbel Down Light CE/Rosh listing Ra 90 warm white with TUV CE driver
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2019-01-25 19:30:02
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we are from PT. Daya Cipta located in Indonesia which is spesialize in woodworking industry. we are interested in your peeling knife product. Please reply my email in dcap@live.com or purchasing@dcap.co.id Thanks Romy

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2018-10-25 16:54:50
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We want to buy Bamboo Mat Weaving Machine (no thread) along with Bamboo Splitting, Slicing, Width and Thickness Sizing, Round Stick Making Machines. Please send us Specification and Price of the machines. Best wishes, Amal Dutta, India Mob. +918240340537 W/A. +918939799621 26 Sep 2018

United States
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2018-09-26 12:43:19
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. I am interested in Tungstun carbide Burrs for all size and dia. Please send product catalouge to select the items required and rate list. thanks & regards saytri, India salesaquates@gmail.com

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2018-09-15 21:33:59
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2018-07-18 01:08:16
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Have you supplied CNC Machining LInes for Railway Axles.Please give minimum three references of such UsersPlease share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2018-07-13 16:54:57
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2018-06-08 21:45:04
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I would like to purchase your casing scraper and reamer products. Please contact me sales@ajs.co.it

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2018-05-17 14:50:05
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

Russian Federation
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2018-04-24 15:41:16
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Hi, our company produce laser cutting machines in Europe. We are interested in purchase of polymer granite machine bases

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2018-04-13 00:22:00
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. We are interested in Spiral point HSS taps in Metric of different sizes

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2018-04-02 18:31:06
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