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Inquiry About Jiangxi Feilong Rock Bit Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
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  • 2019-06-13 11:28:48
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Inquiry About Jiangxi Feilong Rock Bit Manufacture Co.,Ltd.2019-06-13 11:28:48
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URGENT - RFQ TCI Bits (Mud-Motor Bits) as follows 
The new bit specs are as follows. 
10 5/8" IADC537 TCI Tricone Rock, Mud-Motor Bit (we have flexibility can accept up to 10 7/8”) 
Bit Criteria: 
•             2 units:  Chisel tooth TCI (medium length) .  Alternatively, you will accept Long Conical dome TCI (medium length)
•              Gauge protection TCI (high density double-row protection) cone- heal protection 
•              TCI Skirt protection ((high density TCI protection with carbide matrix dressing) Formation/ application-abrasive formation/high build)
•              (M CODE)  mud-motor 
•              (G CODE) Extra Gauge/Body (skirt) protection (mud-motor)
•              (B CODE) sealed bearing
•              (X CODE) Chisel tooth medium inserts, Alternatively, you will accept Long Conical dome TCI (medium length)

•      Type of drilling: Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mud-motor
•      Formation: cemented rock conglomerate  (abrasive)
Purchase Criteria:
•	Quantity: Two (2) units Chisel tooth medium length, 1ea. Conical dome, medium length)
•	No later than May 25, 2019 agent purchase order and deposit 
•	Shipping: EXW
•	Crating: wooden boxes suitable for international air freight
•	Well Location: Japan  
We have some flexibility in the IADC CODE. I also have some flexibility on size, could go up in small incurrent if there is a more available size i.e. 10 7/8”.
Attached is a sample photo of TCI bit outlining what we are seeking. If the bit shown in the photo was manufactured by your company, please advise. 
In addition to your quotation we kindly ask that your company provide a Sales Volume and Client name report so that we can determent what percentage of bits are being sold to the oil and gas sector. 
All correspondence, quotations to be sent to William Cherrington 
Kind regards, 
William Cherrington
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