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Inquiry About Guangzhou Boka Lab System Tech. Co., Ltd.
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  • 2020-04-01 15:20:56
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Inquiry About Guangzhou Boka Lab System Tech. Co., Ltd.2020-04-01 15:20:56
Dear Debbie,
Due to the corona virus things are changing a lot in Sri Lanka. We are having a lockdown situation for the last 2 weeks in Colombo (Curfew) and it will continue for the next week or so. Govt. is distributing food to your lane and it’s OK. Only we are getting bored, waiting at home.
As you know Sri Lanka has a lot of garment factories with many workers employed. (each factory maybe having about 200 – 500 workers) So these companies may be interested to have a cubical where workers can go through them and get sanitized. There can be a chemical sprayed or something like an air shower.(Air shower bay not disinfect a person). Anyway you will know what I mean. It should be like a security check contraption where you walk through the air ports or hotels but covered on all sides. These can also have a temperature sensing gadget were if a person’s temperature is high, it will sound a small alarm. Each factory can have about 5 or 6 of these where the workers will pass through to their working areas.
If you have such a contraption, now a days there may be a demand for same.
Can you please send me some information and pictures if you could find such a device as well as the pricing. We must offer them at a very reasonable rate and even all the officers and even the government officers and hospitals may purchase these. But the price will have to be very reasonable. At the moment the country is going through a very rough patch and if these are very expensive people or organizations may not buy. But if there is a device you can recommend to fit this description there will be a demand.
I await your early reply.
Koolair Pvt. Limited
Asela De Livera
Managing Director.

PS:  If there is a chemical, used to spray or fumigate-please let us know the price of same and how much to use so we could get down this as well.
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